Thursday, 23 January 2014

Speeding along today.

We have got friends coming for a meal this evening. Another friend coming for the day tomorrow and a birthday to celebrate over the weekend so I MUST clear the decks,my mess,my works in progress.

So today it's been full steam ahead.


I have finished the latest prickle of hedgehogs and delivered them to the Hedgehog Hospital in our village.


Some cute new names.

Yay. Ticked off the list.


A blanket finished for my daughters friend.




Another brilliant tick.

The sewing machine can go away as I have finished my bibs .. For now!




I have a few little Birthdays coming up soon so they will be perfect.


A special parcel packed with love. I am really enjoying using these almost urban labels that my dear daughter in law made for me. They are machine stitched onto pieces or cardboard and tied with string.

She makes some lovely things.



Pop over and see her at she has just made a banana and cinnamon loaf that looks delicious and the blankets she is hooking just now are really lovely.

So, I must not stay and chatter but I am really loving all your lovely comments and welcome to my new followers. It's lovely to have you here with me on my blogging journey.



  1. You've been busy! The hedgehogs are wonderful. I love all their names, but especially Quilly Wonka! How funny. The blanket is gorgeous, what a lucky baby. :)

  2. The hedgehogs are so cute, especially all the different colours, I love how you have named them all. The blanket is beautiful so bright and cheerful and the little bibs so cute, you have been so busy you deserve a weekend off so enjoy! :) xx

  3. Linda, you are just amazing to me how prolific of a crafter you are! I think you deserve a trophy.. bravo to you! What do they use the little hedgehogs for? I'm so curious!! Have a great day, I'm off to Multnomah Falls to volunteer in the visitors center. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. That little teddy is trying very hard to keep that blanket for himself you know!! He is saying that he wants one too. You have been very busy with all of your crocheting projects. The hedgehogs are so cute, I hope that they sell really well. xx

  5. Those little hedgehogs are just gorgeous and the individual names are a nice finishing touch. I love all the bright colours you've used in the blanket and it is finished off beautifully Linda. The bibs you have made are lovely, I saw some like these in a shop and they were really expensive to buy (£10 each) and yours are every bit as good if not better than the shop bought ones.
    Enjoy your weekend,
    Linda I know you want to visit my blog, I have now linked my blog to a google+ page and once google verify this for me (up to 2 weeks) it will be easier for you to find me xx

  6. What a busy time you've had! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. What cute little hedgehogs Linda, and gorgeous bright and cheery blanket; the bibs are so lovely and such a useful size too - how busy you've been and isn't it so nice to sit back and survey the beautiful goodies before you! How is that toe behaving itself by the way? Love, Joy xo

  8. Hi Linda - you have been so productive and the things you have created are lovely. Hope you have a fun weekend. Lily. xxx

  9. Those hedgies are so adorable! I love the names you've chosen. A nice, bright snuggly blanket and cute bibs, too. You have been busy. Enjoy your company! Happy weekend!

  10. Linda do I remember someone saying they were going to take it slow and steady! I think you have been galloping - you put me to shame. Such beautiful makes and as usual so thoughtful for others.
    take care
    Sue x

  11. Love the monster bib! the other one is cute too! You have definitely been busy lately! Thanks for mentioning my blog - new post on baby boys blanket today!


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