Saturday, 25 January 2014

Monsters standing in line. I am so excited as they make a first appearance.

Thank you for such supportive comments about the stories I am writing for William. It is so lovely to be able to write them and by the wonder of the Internet he can read them in Dubai. It keeps him in touch with us and I know one day he will be able to look at them and realise just how much we love and miss him.

We leave for a Spanish break on Tuesday and I always like to clear the decks. I love to clear up.clean up and have no little niggling things half finished. That's quite a hard task when, like me you approach projects like a butterfly.

I wanted to finish the hand sewing on William's Monster Quilt. I wonder how many little blanket stitches I have worked. Too many to count but not too many to enjoy.

With the end in sight I got a bit carried away.

I finished the last set of five cheeky monsters.


I worked the four little monsters needed to complete the rows. These have fleecy bodies. Another little cuddly part for William to feel as he is tucked up under his quilt.




I worked a couple of large sections.


And then I got so,so impatient. I wanted to see these cute monsters lined up. Standing to attention. Ready for the Monster Mash.

Ready for the poem.

Five Little Monsters bouncing on the bed.

Ed fell off and bumped his head.

Jed phoned the doctor and the doctor said.

Stop those monsters bouncing on the bed.


I have loved choosing the fabrics. I have loved embellishing cute monster faces. I have loved working blanket stitches to appliqué them in place .

I am proud that I have only used fabric from my stash. Actually,I am amazed at that fact.

So,today I let them get down and be monster like on the floor. They jostled for position. They jumped into place and I just captured this first monster gathering.


I am so happy to see them all there.

And I am going to buy the softest wadding. I am going to back and bind. I am going to learn,conquer and make my first quilt. If I keep saying it to myself I will stop the niggling doubts about my ability.

But,the first thing I am going to do is carefully pack them all away. Sort out all my needles and thread.

I am going to have a break from these monsters. So when we meet again,after our trip I will feel fresh and confident .... I hope. Please be ready to hold my hand as I try to sew straight lines. Please be ready to help me get that batting in place. Then the binding... Eek. And as for stitching in a ditch. Help,help monster help.




  1. Linda, they're all fantastic. I especially love the little red-striped guy with his eyes looking to the side. I don't know why, but he's especially cute to me. I hope you have a wonderful time in Spain!

  2. Wow, you really are a fast crafter! Those monsters are so cute and it's awesome that you used your own fabric stash instead of buying a bunch more, good for you! I saw on facebook that your daughter is home.. she's the cutest thing ever!! Enjoy her visit. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Linda you have worked so fast and well on these and it really shows how much you love doing this. It is fabulous.

    I hope you have a great break and come back nice and fresh ready to finish the quilt. However, when you come back I will not be holding your hand as you try to sew a straight seam as I am the worlds worst at sewing straight so I think if I stand back as far as possible it will better all round!

  4. Your quilt is wonderful, I'm sure William will love it.
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. This is looking fantastic Linda, you should be really proud! Your William will absolutely love it!

    Have a wonderful, wonderful time in Spain, at least the weather should be better! My bestest friend is there at the moment, and I'm off, all, being well, to Espana in a few weeks time - cant wait! I hadn't been there until last year, but have fallen in love with the place, and as I can usually get sensibly priced flights from our local airport - whats not to like??!!


  6. Linda I'm absolutely LOVING these cute and cheeky monsters. Each of them with their own little personalities. They're fab and the look so great together ready to beadle into a quilt!! I'm with you all the way. Also currently working in my first quilt and I really don't have a clue. Enjoy your holiday in Spain and well done on this fab creation!!! Xxx

  7. These are truly THE most adorable monsters I've ever seen! Well done you :-)
    Happy holidays & enjoy the sunshine,

  8. Linda this is beyond fabulous - vibrant and full of humour! I'm sure William is going to loooove it - well done x Jane

  9. Wow! amazing I love all those cute monsters they look lovely together, this is going to be one very special quilt. You have managed to create these monsters it seems effortlessly don't worry I have every confidence in your ability to finish the rest of the quilt. Loved William's story! have a safe journey to Spain. :) xx

  10. This quilt is going to be amazing, thank you for laying them all out in position, it's great to see them all together.
    Have a great trip and enjoy your break Linda :-)

  11. All of the monsters look beautiful and actually very friendly, not scary at all. I hope that you have a super time in Spain and return refreshed and ready to face the year and to work on your monsters again. I hope that your toe is getting better - I have been sending it happy thoughts! xx

  12. They are looking awesome! i am sure William is going to love it! My favourite are the ones at the top of this post. Have a great time in Spain, and look forward to seeing you carry on with this when you get back!

  13. The monster quilt will be fabulous!! No doubt William will go crazy over his special, love-stitched quilt! Safe and happy travels.

  14. Linda you've done a fabulous job on the quilt, William will love it. Have a great holiday, I hope you find a little bit of sunshine.

  15. Thank you all so much for such supportive and encouraging comments. I really do appreciate each and every one of them and each and every one of you.❤️

  16. Linda your quilt is fab - William will be delighted with it such a family heirloom in the making x

  17. These guys look great all together! I can't believe how quickly you made this up. You'll do fine with the remaining stuff I'm sure ;) Enjoy your trip to Spain (jealous!!!). Wendy x

  18. Heehee your monsters are fantastic :D Your straight lines will be fine, just go slowly and practice first. The hand made rough touch is always the best though so fear not :-)

  19. SO cute! You can't look at that without smiling! Great job!


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