Saturday, 4 January 2014

Monster Love.

I am totally chuffed to bits with so many encouraging comments on my posts lately

I am going to stop worrying about my ego and embrace the joy I feel when people take the time and make the effort to leave me lovely comments. Thank you all.

Well, I did play my part yesterday clearing Christmas into the loft. I love real trees so much but my goodness they make a mess. Still, luckily for me Andy is a very modern, lovely man, and we work together with the cleaning. It is great and makes such a difference. His Mum always said his Dad retired and she carried on just as before! Sad really but I think perhaps its a generational thing. Our sharing of chores started when we were both working full time with a family.

So, my sewing time was cut but I managed to finish my first set of 5 monsters. I am loving this " slow crafting" Slow,rythmic and small. Small stitches,small pieces of fabric and small monsters.

Here they are.


I love them all but it is nice to choose a favourite. If you know the song 5 little monkeys bouncing on the bed. You will know why it has been spinning around in my head.

5 Little Monsters bouncing on the bed ....

1 named Ed and ...

1 named Fred!




  1. I know whoever you give this to is just going to love it to pieces, it'll be the little quilt that gets carried around until it is loved to death.

  2. We share things too.As you say it comes of both working full time.We used to come in on a Friday and us and the kids,when they were teenagers did the cleaning.In an hour it was done and the weekend was free.Now we are retired it still works the same.It doesn't matter who cooks or goes to the supermarket.Our children's partners really appreciate what we did!!!love your monsters.

  3. I'm so glad to hear that your husband is feeling well enough to help clear away the decorations with you. I adore your monsters! I think it's so fun how they are all looking in a different direction! Cute cute stuff. Have a great weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Nice to have a project on the go! I will have to come and see the colours again, because my moniter has gone bright green!! No idea what anything looks like! I put everything in the attic today, but now i feel like the attic needs a sort out! enjoy the quilt making, Heather x

  5. Did you say slow! I think you are moving along very quickly with these cute monsters, I think I like Mr Red spotty ear monster the best. You lucky thing I still have to clear my Christmas things away and I will be doing it alone hopefully tomorrow before I go back to work on Mondays....happy days haha. Linda xx

  6. Monsters are looking brilliant, Linda!

  7. Cleaning and crafting, you are doing well, your housewifey halo will be getting very shiny

  8. They are wayyyyy too cute! I love how their eyes are all looking in different directions. I like the one with the blue stripe and the white stars best, he just looks like a friendly fellow somehow.

    You should embrace the comments Linda, they are really what people think and if they like what you do and that gives them pleasure accept it! I like what you do and it gives me pleasure, so thank you!! Sorry, I am very bossy sometimes!!


  9. Linda, each and every one of them make me smile. You are doing such a great job.

  10. I agree with Linda, you are moving quite quickly with this project, probably because you are having so much pleasure from it. I see you are starting name your monsters too, I can see many a story developing from these monsters at bedtime once it is finished. If I had to choose my favourite, which is difficult because they're all so individual and quirky in their own special way, I would choose ..... red spotty ears, he's just so bright and cherry to me.
    Great work Linda x

  11. Your project is coming along really nicely - cant wait to see the next blocks.


  12. I love seeing what block you'll do next, it's like being involved in a mystery quilt.
    Lovely work
    Sally xxx

  13. Oh can you go really quickly - I am desperate to see what comes next. Looking really gorgeous so far Linda. Just caught up with Sharkys postings today - so I am off to do some pretty cards - many thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Fred is my favourite, he looks so happy with his green ears! Can't wait to see which monster you go for next, and I'm so glad you're enjoying the experience x

  15. The quilt is looking great
    Julie xxxx

  16. Linda it's looking good and what a great idea and so colourful 'happy little chap' will LOVE it,
    Anne xx

  17. Looking good! Didnt think you would be getting them done this quickly! Im sure Will is gona love them!

  18. You are having fun, I see! Yay!
    The monsters are looking so cute. I love the slow stitching, and pondering on the project, filling each stitch with love as I go along. Happy stitching!


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