Friday, 17 January 2014

Just words today. Pictures tomorrow as I found myself whittering!

Following on from my first happy post I am really pleased to say I am finding it really easy to find things that are making me happy.

One which perhaps cannot be pictorially represented is the lovely comments my followers are leaving on my blog. By being able to email a quick response to each of these lovely fellow bloggers has resulted in me feel so much happier. I really do appreciate the time taken to leave a message.

I am still sad that I have had to add a word verification to my blog but that day of over 10.000!!! Spam comments totally freaked me out.

I have totally fallen in love with some of the lovely blogs and bloggers that abide in Blogland. I hope you know who you are. Too many gorgeous ones to pick out one or two.

So, I have been thinking more about being happy since starting my picture collages. I used to hate the winter. Then I had a lightbulb moment. As I hit my late 50's a sense of my own mortality kicked in. I think this becomes especially apparent as you lose your parents and sadly my brother died too aged 54. How he would love another winter.

So, as I was hating winter I was effectively hating half the time I had left in my lifetime. So, I simply put in a mindset change. Yoga helps so much with this. As does changing every negative thought to a positive. What is the point of being retired if you do not take the time to reflect on enhancing your life..

I pinned a quotation in the kitchen which goes like this...

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.

Grant me the courage to change the things I can,and the wisdom to know the difference.

That little quotation may seem twee or contrived but my goodness if you reflect upon it,it is so deep. And when I am crafting I reflect a lot.

I try and smile a lot even to myself. I try and breathe in the colour yellow. Not particularly a favourite of mine but such an uplifting colour in the winter

And lastly if I am out and about I try and speak to elderly people. When both my Mum and Mother In Law became elderly and subsequently widowed the loneliness was the worst thing for them to bear. Ill health was bad but at least they got to go to the doctors, see the nurse or visit the hospital. But days when they saw no-one were the worst,the saddest and the most depressing.

They both absolutely loved little children,but sadly as society has changed some mothers really resent people talking to their children and because of the way of the world these days children themselves are wary of strangers talking to them. Even grey haired little old ladies who both weighed about 7 stone with walking sticks.

The other day a lady walked past me and she looked so smart. She had the prettiest scarf on, little gold shoes and her hair was as neat as a pin. I was rushing around looking the complete opposite.

Anyway. I looked at her and she glanced at me. She looked so lovely but so sad. We were past each other so quickly but something made me turn and I ran to her and said. "You look really lovely today ."

She stopped in her tracks,looked at me and ascertained I was not a mad woman. Then she put her arm on mine and said.

" My dear, you have made my day. My husband died last year and I miss him so much. One of the things he used to say to me every day was that I looked lovely. No one has said that to me since until today!.

We actually both felt a bit teary as it reminded me so much of the day my Mum said to me.

"I have a drawer full of my favourite jewellery upstairs that I can never wear again."

When I asked her why she replied.

" Because no one is here to do it up at the back for me"

I felt such sadness that day. I wish now I had taken the whole drawerfull in to have magnetic clasps put on.

I know why I am feeling so reflective today. It is a year tomorrow since my dear mother in law died. I blogged about it then and this " circle of life " we all inhabit.

I am going to keep on trying to change any negative perceptions I have about my life. I am going to try and make every day count and I am going to continue waking every morning and slipping into sleep each night making a mental inventory of all the things which make me happy and make me smile.

After all these words I will just post my happy picture collage tomorrow.

Thank you for reading x


  1. what a wonderful post and story. I feel quite sure the world is a better place because you are in it! The sunshines for you I can tell and that you look for the positive is a good thing. Look forward to seeing your pictures. Heather x

  2. Your happiness and optimism always shines through in your blog posts! I've has a strange week as yo may gather if you visit my blog, but things are calming down now, and I've kept myself on the rails with some furious puppet knitting! You'll be in my thoughts tomorrow. X

  3. Dear Linda
    such a beautiful post - you must have made that lady feel so special. I try really hard to appreciate every day as life can be so short. Sue x

  4. Linda,

    How lovely to turn back to that lady. My husband often berates me for talking to anyone, anyplace at any time. But I have had some of the most interesting and enlightening conversations with these complete strangers. I was very shy as a child, and would rather the earth swallowed me whole than to talk. But I also wanted to join in tht converations very much. Now I feel that what's the worse that can happen? And it makes me feel happy too.

    A beautifully reflective post that I have read several times. And I m interested in the yoga thing too....

    Have a lovely weekend Linda.

    Leanne xx

  5. Sweet Linda, this is a beautiful post. That was so kind of you to compliment the lady, I am sure she will always remember it. I often find myself having the most meaningful and insightful conversations with people I don't know well. Actually, it happens a lot in blogging, doesn't it? I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I agree with you so much on looking at the bright side of things and thinking positive. I think that's why we are drawn to each other as friends and bloggers. I'm glad you're happy! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. And what a beautiful read it is Linda, and such a lovely thoughtful act to say those sweet words to that dear lady who needed so much to hear them! 'Always look on the bright side of life', as the song goes, and keep smiling and sharing your wonderful thoughts with us - I'm sure we all love our chats with you; I certainly do, you're such a sweetheart! Love and hugs, Joy xo

  8. What a beautiful post, it's strange what makes us stop in our tracks and try to see life differently. I always try to see things positively, even though it's not always easy.
    That lady will be thinking about what you said for days and it'll be happy thoughts.
    Something so simple has made a huge difference to this lady.
    Take care
    Sally xxx

  9. You have just bought tears to my eyes
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Such a wonderful post Linda, I am quite teary eyed after reading it. How lovely that you made this small communication with a perfect stranger and changed her whole day for the better. I like your own personal outlook on life, I will be 50 this year and both my parents have already gone (5 and 6 years ago). I miss my mum especially, she was such a generous and kind hearted woman who would do anything for anyone, stranger or friend.

  11. Such a wonderful, insightful and uplifting post Linda. You really will have made that lady's day, week and by the sound of it her year. How amazing is that, such a simple thing that cost absolutely nothing, but gave so much. In the same spirit, just so you know, your writing in this and all your posts is beautiful! xx

  12. What a lovely reflective post, especially in these rather bleak looking days which can be hard to love. I'm so glad you spoke to that lady, and my thoughts are with you both tomorrow that the day is lighter than you are dreading.

  13. Beautiful post, Linda! Isn't it amazing how the simplest words can bring so much pleasure to another? This morning I posted a quote on FB:
    "We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do." -Mother Teresa
    and I try to smile at everyone I meet during the day, because I know that one smile can grow to many. It's the little niceties of life that matter, I think.
    Kudos for practicing your positives! I know how keeping a positive journal made a wonderful change in my perspective.
    I hope that tomorrow, the happy memories of your mother-in-law will outshine the sorrow. Hugs.

  14. Oh honey, I'm so sorry for your loss. However, I think that the idea of looking at the positive is such an important one. Also, saying something nice (especially when it's genuine), can totally change the giver and receiver's day! We should all do it more in my opinion, and worry less about what people will think x


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