Sunday, 5 January 2014

I can swear so very loudly!

Okay, it's rained a lot since the New Year. Our little family have left,Andy has been poorly but really all was well in Chalky Land. That is until yesterday afternoon. How often do you wish you could just press the pause button and rewind. I am wishing that right now.

Why don't I walk up the stairs sedately? Why do I have to gallop about like a demented Bambi? Why am I so clumsy?

I galloped up yesterday stubbed my toe on the top step so hard it actually bent under my foot and the air was blue. You know when you swear so loudly and repeatedly if you could stop you would be shocked that you knew such expletives. I rarely swear and even if I do it's always mild. But, not yesterday.

Well I went for a gorgeous meal with our daughter and when her Springy Springer Spaniel jumped straight on it I nearly started the crash course in bad language all over again. But, you can't in front of your daughter can you?

So, I believe I have a broken big toe. " Oh gosh,fiddledee dee"

I have googled a broken toe. Got all the information. It's now strapped to its sister and I have to sit with my foot up as much as possible.

So, why when I would normally like to sit down with my feet up as much as possible is it frustrating when you have to. But every cloud has to have a silver lining. So Monster love is going to keep me going. Just as well I did not break my finger!

I have been studying the quilt picture. The beginning of the idea. Some of the blocks have a fluffy texture but I am worried that some of that fake fur material can become quite manky if it gets wet. Well who knows maybe this quilt may have some dribbles on it. Maybe some tears. Maybe some spilt juice.

Who knows what is going to get spilt on it. Hopefully I am going to have it finished while William is still in his second year and according to statistics he may live to 102.

Certainly if he is anything like his Daddy and Aunties and it adorns a teenagers bed it will have a fair amount of sprinklings of cereal and milk.

So I definitely want to steer clear of manky.

I dream of it being pulled around after him making a cosy little place in his world whenever he needs it.

So, I searched deep in my stash boxes and there at the bottom were some pieces of the softest fleece.

Just perfect. So I set to work with a slightly bigger blanket stitch to make the first two fleecy monsters in my next set.

Meet Ned and Jed. I am going to run out of these *ed names so soon. Only 1 more in this set to go.


They are like a giant number one. I am not thinking ahead as the idea of joining all these blocks leaves me a little shaky but I suppose I can always swear loudly about it or just pay someone else to do it. I think actually, that my lovely followers will " hold my hand" in a virtual way and I will be amazed when I get there.



  1. Sorry about your big toe, I broke my little one so I know how painful that is, and taping is about all you can do. Love the quilt, it's fun to watch its production.

  2. Hope your toe is better soon! Monsters coming along nicely!

  3. Oh dear, you made me cringe describing the toe incident. I once broke a middle toe when it went crashing barefooted into a tricycle ... I must've used some of the same swear words. Good idea to work on the quilt as it will take your mind of your poor toe. Love the monsters, and don't worry about the matching up till the time comes and then you just lay it all out on the floor and sort it out like a jigsaw puzzle. You may have to add a couple of pieces to make it work, but there can be some non-monster patches here and there to fill in any gaps. This looks like a really fun project made from the heart ;) Wendy x

  4. I did something like that in the garden a couple of summers ago - tripped on the smallest of steps and went flying! Shoes were jettisoned mid-fall and I stubbed my bare (summer, no socks on!) toe so badly it split open and bled (think: impact of a falling tomato :-/) I think ALL the neighbours heard my reaction - it wasn't just the sky that was blue, it was the air, too!!!

    Anyway, best remedy is to keep your leg elevated and take your mind away off the pain by focussing on your little monsters!

    Hope all's well very soon!

    SueH at The Knitting Assassin!

    Twitter – @Librarymaid

  5. I'm so sorry about your toe. I understand how you were feeling because I broke my little toe in September. I tripped over some blankets the kids left on the floor and bashed my foot into my desk. I said some bad words too. :) I think adding fleece to the quilt is a great idea. It will be very cuddly for him.

  6. Oh no! Your poor toe! My wrist is sprained at the moment, so I can't knit or sew. Have you been to see anyone? Might be worth calling NHS Direct if it doesn't feel better in a few days...

  7. So sorry to hear about your big toe, I had a misadventure on New Years Eve 2013 and I am still suffering now. I simply miss-stepped when stepping from the road onto a pavement. To try and save myself from falling I ended up moving forward quickly for a few steps then I fell with tremendous force face first onto the pavement. A few minor cuts and bruises (elbows, knees and hands) but the force on my ribs was really bad. I have either fractured a rib or badly bruised it, either way the healing process will be slow and painful. There's nothing I can do except use anti inflammatory painkillers to dull the pain. Hey ho we are a right pair Linda!
    Back to the monster quilt, I would tend to agree with the fluffy stuff ... every quilt should be easy to keep clean, so I think you're right to keep away from the furry fabrics.
    This orange monster reminds me a little of a bird, like a crazy road-runner perhaps? Oh and good luck with 'ed names lol

  8. So sorry about your toe Linda!! That is horrid. I hope that it heals soon - and that Andy is better as well. It is quite a shock when you find yourself saying things that you didn't know you knew and would never normally say isn't it. Hope you are not in too much pain.

    As you were writing about the furry monsters, I was thinking fleece fabric - but you were ahead of me! I was also thinking about ultrasuede as that would give another texture, I believe it is washable and it would make good applique as it wouldn't fray. Hope you don't mind the suggestion.

    Take care of your toe! xx

  9. I hope these fun monsters distract you from the pain a little. What a great quilt this is going to be, Linda. I wonder if I should make one for myself?
    Thank you for visiting my blog, I love to click through to my readers own blogs and discover new worlds. I like it here and will be back. Cx

  10. Oh my dear friend.. I'm so sorry to hear you busted up your toe.. that just sounds SO painful! I hope it gets better super duper fast. At least you can still play Words With Friends.. :-) Your monsters are adding up like mad! He will treasure it forever. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Oh, my dear, sooooo sorry for your mishap!!! Good for you, bravely carrying on in your quest to tame your monsters. You are wise to consider how the materials will wear on a project that will surely be well loved and used. xx

  12. Ouch to your toe - I think by the sound of it that was a definite time to use foul language!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  13. Hey Linda,

    Ouch! I'm with Stephen Fry on the catharsis of a good expletive. So (&^%%£ away my lovely ;)

    Your quilt is going to be amazing. And I think spilt cereal milk, being dragged around the garden and what not will just add to it's appeal.

    Leanne xx

  14. Linda, you make me laugh. you poor thing with your hurting toe. You are much nicer than me, I can sweat with the best of them, It is something I try not to do but never really succeed at. Maybe it is because I have boys? Or is it because my parents made such a BIG deal about a few words here and there when I was growing up. I know you are frustrated to get up and get things done, think of this as a mini sewing vacation, a rather painful one but a vacation none the less.

  15. Oh, dear, your poor toe! Hope it's feeling better, but what a pain having to sit when you'd rather be up and about doing! Still, loving Ned and Jed. Take care.


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