Tuesday, 14 January 2014

High Five for the next set of Monsters!

Day by day quiet sewing is going on here. Choosing,placing,pinning and stitching. I am still totally in love with this appliqué quilting malarky.

The idea of making sets is totally the way to work for me. I have printed out the picture of the quilt. 2 copies. 1 is to remind me how it will look. Or should look! The other one is covered with spots,ticks,crosses and other encouraging signs.


Anyway the upside of all this is that the next set of five Monsters are ready for the Monster Mash Parade.


And my favourite is ...

Ed .


I have tucked a small pad of the softest wadding inside each of these monsters. Just to add a little bit of definition to the quilt. I think a little hand might enjoy moving over the bumpy bodies.


Actually I think this one is pretty cute too!

So, yes, the upside. Set completed . The downside of all this choosing snippets of fabrics is the room I have commandeered for the quilting looks like a bomb has hit it. The views out the window are just as calming but the workspace NO!

At least with hooking its only small balls of yarn and a hook.

Still. I am not going to worry about it. Shut the door firmly when not in use is the answer.

My toe is continuing to make its way through the colourful bruising spectrum. And of course all this inactivity makes the wool ordering clocking finger open to temptation.

I have wanted for ages to use lovely yarns when making things. Perhaps following on this " slow crafting " journey. Make a little less but use a little more in the quality sense.

Black Sheep Wools have their clearance sale on at the moment and my morning coffee was made evn more special when the postie brought this parcel.


It is gorgeous. Soft,squishy and I am loving those pastel shades.

Who wants to resist temptation like this when there is no chance of going anywhere near the other January sales.



  1. sounds like you are having so much fun with your monster quilt. Did you get the pattern online.....maybe you could post the link. I wouldn't worry about the mess...I think all sewing rooms are the same in fact its compulsory!

  2. The monsters are coming on thick & furious! My vote goes to the little guy above Ed ;) Great idea to pad them a bit to give them some dimension. And resistance is futile re: yarn purchases ... have a great week, and hope your toe feels better soon. Wendy x

  3. Your monsters look terrific, Linda! I love the bright colors. Yay for new yarn! I agree, I don't care to shop for much of anything right now but I'll gladly gather discounted yarn for my stash. :)

  4. Love all your monsters Linda they are so cute i can't believe how quickly you are making these, but you are sooo naughty go stand in the naughty corner for buying more yarn and..... tempting gullible stashaholics too!, it does look so soft and inviting, I hope you have a project in mind for this treasure. :)

  5. Your monsters are looking lovely, and if you are having stuff all around your craft room, that just means that you are being crafty doesn't it! You will be finished making William's quilt in a flash if you keep going at this speed! I wonder what your yarn will turn into! xx

  6. You really have a good system in place in making these little monsters and they are looking fabulous so far. You're thinking about colour and tactile textures, brilliant. I so think this is going to be amazing when it's finished.
    Oh and gorgeous yarn too, I have never bought quality yarn as yet as I didn't know if my talent deserved it. That Yarn is super lush xx

  7. Oooh the colours of those balls of wool. Very sea side.

    I'm in love with your quilt. All those monsters have such a personality

    Leanne xx

  8. I love all your monsters Linda and can't even pick a favourite - those fabrics are fantastic! And your wonderful yarn - how I'd love some of that in those very colours . . . . . . but better wait another while methinks.
    While away from blogland I missed so many of your wonderful posts so have just had a quick catch-up and see you've been having some lovely times with crafting and being out and about, but I'm so sorry to hear about your poor toe and hope healing is taking place quickly for you - my Mum would have said "It's enough to make the saints in heaven swear" and I would have joined in - LOUDLY!!!
    Hugs, Joy x

  9. You are definitely making great progress on your stitching projects while your toe goes through it's colorful healing process, Linda! Not so many months ago I dropped a chair foot on my foot not once but twice while helping set up tables and chairs in an auditorium. Thankfully, although it was colorful and a bit uncomfortable it was not as serious an injury as yours...but helps me fully sympathize with your plight :( Wishing you well!!! :)

  10. I can't wait to see all your squares sewn together
    Julie xxxxxx

  11. You really don't mess around when you get going on a project. I love the vigor of happiness you exude with your monster quilt making. Can't wait to see what your plans are for your new pastel yarn. Sher

  12. Still looking good for an early finish for your quilt. That new wool looks lovely and squidgy too! I hope your toe is continuing to improve.

  13. Thank you everyone. It really feels as if you are holding my hand and walking by my side. And perfect companions you are too.
    Love Linda

  14. Love all those monsters! My grandson would love this!
    Susanne :)

  15. Ooooh, yarn candy! They look so soft.
    Your new monsters are fun! Hmmm, maybe you could make toe monsters........with the appropriate colouring.........hope it's all better soon.

  16. Ooh these monsters are so fabulous! You're doing a great job, well done. And all that yummy yarny goodness... sigh.. I'm heading over to Black Sheep now for a wee look at their sale (if I buy anything, I shall need you to take responsibility for it!!)

  17. Love the colours of that yarn, and the monsters are coming along great!


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