Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Cats Cradle, French Skipping and socks!

I have never made a pair of knitted socks. I have never knitted using 4 needles but last year I bought some lovely self patterning 4 ply wool and started with some trepidation.



It totally reminded me of when we used to make patterns with string around your hands and pass the shapes backwards and forwards with a friend.Cats Cradle. I loved it.


We also used to get long pieces of elastic and play skipping games.French skipping. Happy,happy memories. I had long blonde hair mainly worn in plaits and I can remember them bouncing up and down as if it was yesterday. I always wore green uniform to school. I hardly ever wear green now.



Well, I actually very much enjoyed the triangular formation of the sock making. I got the hang of keeping the right number of stitches on the needles. In fact my sock making was rocking.


Rocking for a while! Then the heel loomed forth and it all went downhill from that row on!

Patience with crafty projects is not one of my strengths. Frogging things is a task I hate so much. So the sock was tucked away on the shelf under the table next door to my chair in "Operation Crafting Corner."

I have moved it every time I have dusted. I have seen it every day for about a year now.Not that I dust every day you understand.

Whilst I have been sitting with my foot up I picked it up looked at it and thought "why has it got to be a sock. It's a tube. Wristwarmers are tubes." I totally ignored the concept of a heel.I knitted another ribbed cuff added some buttons,and look. A brilliant " Tah Dah " moment. A sock wrist warmer.

Now, all I have to do is play another game of Cats Cradle to make the other one!

After all it would be a shame to hide such pretty yarn inside boots and jeans.

I actually think this could catch on. Presents for Christmas 2014 maybe.

Before I go can I say "Thank You" to all my lovely followers who left such kind comments about my toe.

It is amazing how many others have had the same fate. My youngest daughter too.

I had not realised how much scampering I was doing with my monsters. Choosing materials,ironing,pinning and back to ironing etc. So I am having to leave my monster love for a few days. I think it was all the excitement about the Ed's and Fred's in my life that made me gallop up the stairs in the first place!



  1. I've never tried socks, the heel bit scares me a bit, I must try at some point though. They look fab as wristwarmers as the yarn patterns brilliantly :) xx

  2. The thought of knitting a sock terrifies me. I am amazed by those who can do it, so the fact that you even started is amazing. Your one hand warmer looks lovely Linda, I hope that you can get up the courage to do one for the other hand too! The yarn is lovely by the way! Glad you are keeping your toe up. I hope the sporty one is looking after you well. The monsters will wait for you! Keep taking care. xx

  3. The wrist warmers look good. My friend Jan told me about knitting socks on two circular needles have you ever tried that? I knit my grandchildrens jumpers on two circular needle now. (google - knitting socks on two circular needles)
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  4. love it....what a creative solution to a problem!

  5. I did reply to your post yesterday, but when I looked today it wasn't there, I must have forgotten to do the verification thingy, never mind I sympathise with the toe incident I have broken my middle toe twice, toes always seem to get in the way! Well done on even getting the hang of the 4 needles, I couldn't and went on to a circular, not much better, I did manage to complete one misshapen sock and now have no desire whatsoever to finish the second, I couldn't possibly manage to get it the same shape anyway. I like your idea of the Wrist warmers or even leg warmers and you are quite right that wool is much too nice to be hidden away, good luck with the second one. :)

  6. That is a brilliant way to finish a project. More people will see the wool on your wrist and you will receive loads more compliments. I too remember cat's cradle and French skipping. I also remember the crazes at school for knitting and crochet. The teachers used to go pale at the sight of us walking up and down the million steps carrying knitting needles. So eventually they were banned....not that we took any notice of that!

  7. They look so good, Linda! I think it was smart to make them into wristwarmers, I'm sure you enjoyed yourself much more making them. :)

  8. Heels - tell me about 'em! :-/
    I tried doing socks & always got in a tangle with the heel flaps - then I discovered short-row toe-up socks and never looked back! The only problem I have now is - how many pairs of socks do I really need? Have resorted to making them as presents
    .....and I still can't resist picking up more sock-yarn whenever I see it!

    Hope the toe is healing (no pun intended) nicely!

  9. I love your wrist warmer and you are right that yarn is way to lovely to hide in a shoe or boot. Take care of that toe!

  10. Bravo on the DPN work! I made a pair of socks .. ONCE.. but it was a miracle of frustration but I did it. I vowed no more. But I'm proud of you for what you made! How's your toe? I hope better!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Clever, woman! Your sock turned wrist warmer is very fetching :) Hoping your toe heals rapidly, but that you enjoy toe resting creative pursuits while it does! Do you need another game of Words with Friends ? xx

  12. I think your wrist warmers look wonderful.much to pretty a yarn to be hidden away under boots. Sorry to hear about your toe, hope you feel better soon.
    Sally xxx

  13. The heel is the tricky bit with socks but once mastered is fine.Lots of help on you tube.Love the yarn.Hope your toe is better soon.Take care.

  14. Oh dear, sorry to hear about your toe! I broke my little toe once when I stubbed it on a door and there was nothing for it but to just wait for it to heal itself. I would love to make socks one day but I know it is far, far beyond my knitting capabilities. So I think your wrist warmers are fabulous, and very pretty. x

  15. Thank you all do much for the most generous dose of sympathy and encouragement in equal measure. I am tickled pink by both my growing follower numbers and comments. Thank you all x

  16. Your 'socks' look wonderful! (I started a pair of socks a couple years ago......they must be around here somewhere, those ufo's-- and mine didn't even have a heel Or a toe!...yoga socks...and I wasn't even using 4 needles.....and I still couldn't finish mine......(it was a new-to-me technique with 2 round needles and I'll have to learn it all over again).....lol........so kudos for creatively finishing yours! )


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