Thursday, 16 January 2014

All change!

Am I flexible? Not in the Yogic bendy way. My Yoga postures are somewhat brick like. But, I like to think I am flexible in my approach to life. I shall think some more on that. But, I think so.

I have talked before about the lovely charity thread I belong to. Over the years I have made some lovely,lovely friends. Some I have been lucky enough to meet in person and some whose friendship seems just as real even if it is only cemented by words and deeds.

Last week Ginny was talking about a friend of hers who is travelling to Cambodia with her husband. They only take hand luggage for their personal needs and fill up their suitcases with as much humanitarian goods as they can muster. I have always wanted to go to Cambodia and usually see the most tranquil pictures of beautiful places.


It is easy with its emerging tourist industry to forget its turbulent and sad past. But there is much need in the country for the poor and disadvantaged.

If you want to read a little more have a look at the link above.

So I stopped in my monster tracks and had a little search. I searched my stash and searched in my boxes.

Whenever we are out and about I love to see street stalls. I can not resist them. Last year when we were in Newquay there was one in the Main Street in aid of the Lifeboats. You can not have spent a lifetime living by the sea and not support such a worthwhile charity .

And there on the stall were these lovely baby cardigans.



I snapped them up. A double whammy. Pennies given for the Lifeboats and cardigans to tuck away for when a call from the Charity Thread was made. So they have been tucked inside the parcel which is soon to make its way to Ginny and then on to Cambodia.

I made this little set ages ago and it has been patiently waiting for such a good cause.

And to finish the woolly gifts two crochet hats I made a while back.


Sewing needles are precious and useful.

Villages apparently have a central store where one Is given out at a time so some needles are tucked inside.


And two needle cases. Maybe for a special project. I really love making these and decorating them with ribbon.


And lastly a packet of plasters, light and easy to transport .

So, I have stopped in my tracks. The monsters have temporarily moved aside whilst I have collected these bits and pieces together.

I will send them with love and hope they make a tiny difference to someone in a place I have dreamed of visiting.

Love really is something if you give it away!




  1. You might not be doing the monster mash right now, but this is a very important dance and one that you have done very well. It is amazing that such simple things as needles and plasters are in such need and there is such a shortage. It just goes to show what we take for granted in our lives isn't it. Your things will be very well received I am sure Linda. xx

  2. This is a wonderfully caring thing to do. I am sure your package will be greatly appreciated by several people. I didn't know that about the sewing needles. It's such a poor country. I think it's great that you're sending so many needles to them, which seems so simple to us, but will really help someone there.

  3. What a lovely collection of things to send. The little cardigans are so sweet, and it is very fitting that something sold to benefit one charity is being passed on to a completely different, but equally deserving good cause.

  4. What lovely items for charity
    Our son and his then girlfriend got engaged in Cambodia
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  5. The baby cardigans are so sweet, and I'm sure they'll be much appreciated where they're going. How wonderful to contribute these simple, but useful bits & pieces. Wendy x

  6. Hi Linda - what a kind thing to do of you and your friend. It is a reminder to us as well to not take simple things like sewing tools for granted. Imagine having to be given one needle at a time. Hope your toe is getting better. xxx

  7. That's a lovely gesture Linda. I hope your toe is healing well and I had a peek at your monster quilt, he's going to love it! really fun. Heather x

  8. You are the best ever! Those little sweaters are cute.. yours is amazing, too! You just earned some gold stars. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. How thoughtful and caring to put all this things together for aid in Cambodia. The needle cases you made are pretty as well as practical, you just goes to show how we all take the simple pleasures in life for granted and I am sure your package will be well received x

  10. Your kindness is appreciated firstly by me, then by my friend Annie who is taking our goodies to Cambodia then by the recipients - such kindness of spirit xxx Ginny

  11. And how thankfully your gifts will be received! Blessings for having such a big, caring and sharing heart!


  12. Linda Gilbert17 January 2014 14:56
    Thank you all so much. I think I am going to make some more of those felt needle cases and fill them with needles. So light,tiny, easy but so useful. I will keel them in the wings ready for the next worthy cause which comes along.


  13. These are such lovely thoughtful items to gift. It is great to be able to do this and know that the items are going to end up with the recipients who will be able to actually use them instead of ending up locked within the local system.

    A midwife friend was going back with a team to an African country to teach the local midwives and they were doing the same as your friend's friend with their luggage. I was so shocked as she told me how aid, including a complete operating suite, can end up rotting in containers due to administrative disputes and how local midwives struggle for the basics that we take for granted here. I was fascinated and appalled at the same time and asked her what the problems were and what might be useful. I had a think, especially about the weight/bulk issue and bought wind up powered head torches as in the villages there is no light in the huts when they are delivering babies, a selection of reading glasses as access to optical services is scarce, socks and ladies underwear in a range of sizes for the 'traditionally built' lady too and lots of pencils, sharpeners, crayons and little notepads for the children.

    I hate when I hear that charities have either had administrative or advertising fees skimmed off or that the local infrastructure prevents the aid reaching the needy so it was lovely to know that my shopping spree was actually handed over to those midwives and villagers who would be using them.

    I'm certain your lovely gifts will be very gratefully received and it is lovely to know you are sharing something of yourself with someone who needs it.


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