Friday, 3 January 2014

A Wonderful way to start the New Year. I am glad these treasures flew the Coop!

I sent Sherrie from " Fly the Coop Crafts" some hot water bottle love before Christmas. And my New Year started in the most perfect way when a parcel was delivered from America.

Dont you just know there are going to be lovely things when the wrapping paper is so pretty?

After a very hectic Christmas I sat and savoured the paper before even undoing it. But, of course curiosity takes the upper hand.
What treats. And what makes them even more special is that so much "Hand Made Love " has been tucked inside each little parcel

A key ring made with the softest cotton. When I was working I had a massive key ring. Mainly to stop me losing it. But these gentle days I tend to just pick up the one key I need. And I needed a new key ring for my sister in laws barn so this one will be perfect.

This trivet is also made with the most beautiful cotton yarn and the stitches are just perfect. So neat and even. I think I will hang it near the cooker pretending it's waiting for the next hot pan. But it's too nice to put a pot on!

The softest rainbow wash cloth which has been tucked away in Williams' bib drawer.
I am in the middle of taking the decorations down. The weather is so terrible outside I may as well use my time well.
This pointsettia has been carefully tucked away with the label still attatchment to remind me of Sherrie next December.
Now we come to my absolute favourite. I have been using pins a lot since starting the Monster quilt. They were in an ugly plastic case.
My needles threaded and ready were stuck in the arm of the chair.
No more!
It could not have arrived at a better time and I have never had a pin cushion before. So I am Cock a Hoop and it will be by my side every day for many Monster months!

One thing I do like doing is writing notes of thanks for all kinds and these are the prettiest notelets I have seen for ages.
I am going to keep one back to pin on my mood board. It really is a good moods board.
So, here we have it. The perfect parcel flown from a very special Coop indeed .


When I started this post yesterday the weather was so bad that the Internet was playing up. I hate that,and the " Sporty One " luckily, is so much more techie than me so he got on to the company and blogging can be restored.
So in between taking the decorations down,polishing and hoovering I found this little fellow. I had popped him on my Snowman window with my others and now he is tucked away with them.



, Sherrie "thank you" so much. I will treasure all your gifts and you really have started my New Year in a very special way. Perhaps you would like to pop over to visit Sher at her special Coop. She will love to see you I am sure.





  1. I too love the notelets and pincushion - infact all are lovely but they are my favourite - you deserve those gifts so enjoy xxx will definitely pop over to the blog too thanks for recommending xxx

  2. What fabulous goodies!

    Hope the weather isn't too severe where you are.


  3. Such beautiful gifts. Bloggers are really generous people. I enjoy Sherrie's blog too. Thanks for sharing your lovely present.

  4. I am so so glad the gifts arrived and that you found joy in them. Sending a parcel full of little handmade packages across the pond was the most most fun. Beware, I may want to do it again! As we were blanketed with 8-10inches of snow last night here in Philly, USA - I'm off to find my snowshoes for a traipse thru the snow. Smiles and Happy 2014.

  5. what lovely gifts, Linda. It's a lovely community we belong to. So giving in time and thought.

    Leanne xx

  6. Such beautiful things and they have found such a beautiful home!! It is so lovely meeting new people and sharing things isn't it. What a kind parcel of gifts! xx

  7. Thank you for all your lovely comments. Kindness indeed. I shall enjoy those lovely gifts so much.

  8. Such pretty presents, and extra special as they were handmade :)


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