Sunday, 12 January 2014

A Day Off. And a lovely visit to Powderham Castle and Topsham.

Today sees the last of our festive visitors leaving our little village. Andy's sister and her husband are trying to move down to Devon from Aberdeen. Just now they can't sell their house but we have been lucky enough to have their lovely company for a month.

It has rained so much. But yesterday morning I pulled back the curtains and it was a sunshining day. The sun was shining over the church,which is the first thing I see in the mornings. It's to the right of me as I look out of my bedroom window.


The meadow is to the left.

And the sun was casting shadows as the sheep munched their way through the morning grass.

So. With the sun on parade we decided to pick up our visitors and head off to Powderham Castle.

The Castle itself is closed until May and is the home of the Earl of Devonshire.

What a delight as we pulled in to see daffodils flowering in January.

We used to watch our oldest daughter ride her horse here when she was eventing.

So, it brought back so many memories of us both sharing nervous minutes as she negotiated the jumps and the cross country at a breakneck speed.

I am so sorry about the reflection in the second picture but as you can imagine they are framed and very precious.

What a lovely place to stop for a mooch. A Farm Shop. A Garden Shop.A Coffee Shop and a wonderful Gift shop linked to the House of Marbles in Bovey Tracey.

Just about everything you need for a wonderful way to while away a lovely hour or two. And the coffee was great too.

Toby Buckland is a renowned Gardener and the plants and flowers in the garden area were simply beautiful. And in this little part of Devon Spring has arrived.

I could not resist some of the cheeriest plants I know.

These lovely sheep made me think of Meredith who has the most lovely blog called " Mereknits."

We have been exchanging some lovely bloggy comments of late and it has been lovely getting to know her.

She would love these.


And these.


Now, I could have taken literally hundreds of photos but I try and remember that people are the most important things in life and this was our last day sharing life with these lovely folk.

We had a good look around and of course bought some treats.

Who could resist this lovely lot.

Not me!

Blood Orange and Figand Date Balsamic vinegars.

You can refill the bottles on your next visit.

Another treat for the " foodies!"

A little gift for my Yoga teacher in Spain.

A little gift for my lovely sister in law who loves soap. This one smells scrummy.

And for us.

I love Violas. They really do like they have sweet faces.


We headed on to another lovely spot called Topsham on the River Exe.

It really is such a lbustling little town full of independent traders and nooks and crannies to make you want to return again and again.

Sal of Sal's Snippets makes a very good guide and she had recommended a lovely place to eat called the Cafe.

You could plan your days out following Sal. Always lovely places to visit and tasty morsels to try.

This cafe was right up my street.

Eclectic,quirky,interesting and perfect.

I would like a flock of these seagulls made from plastic cutlery.


The food was delicious.


Bubble and Squeak with bacon and egg was such a hit with the men.

It was served with salad and beetroot coleslaw on the side.


Afterwards we took a little wander ( I took a little hobble!!) and went down to the river. Past the church door to a view ........



Like this!

The sun shining on the River Exe and Exmouth in the distance.

And looking back to the M5.
Wouldn't it be lovely to live here.
I wonder if it gets flooded?

Well,if ever you are near Exeter take the time to go to both Powderham Castle and Topsham. You will love it.



  1. This looks like such a lovely day out. I would love to see this place in person someday, but your pictures are wonderful and I feel like I got to visit there too. Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. Thank you so much for a sunny post. The views and the captures along the way made me smile with knowing that the daffodils are on the way.x

  3. What a fabulous day out Linda, lovely photo's. :)

  4. Two of my regular haunts! I adore Topsham and of course it has the wonderful antiques centre too. I also love the walk down The Strand,to the point where the rivers Exe and Clyst meet. We often sit there for a while and watch the world go by. Finally, Topsham Museum, which probably isn't open at the moment, is a wonderful museum to visit! (And they do coffee and cake! ) Glad you had such a good day! ;-)

  5. You just showed me the perfect day -- how I'd love to visit there! I love the water views.. yes, it would be lovely to live by the water like that. I bet Meredith loved seeing the little ceramic sheep! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Such a lovely day out Linda! What a beautiful sight to wake up and see when you look out of your windows too, the first picture is stunning. Thank you for taking us for a lovely day trip! xx

  7. Lovely views, Linda, from your home as well as out and about! Thanks so much for sharing them. [I loved seeing the sheep, both alive and pottery, too :) ] xx

  8. We're going to try and get to see that part of Exeter this year
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  9. What a fantastic day out Linda, thank you for sharing it. Some great photo's (memories) and those plastic cutlery gulls are pretty awesome. The balsamic vinegars look good and I'm sure you'll enjoy them in your cooking.

  10. Perfect day out - wonderful views and fantastic company - it doesn't get much better.


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