Monday, 2 December 2013

Ticking off the list.

Last week I felt so tired. I just flopped a bit and accepted it. I used my Chalky wilted time well. Blog hopping, playing words with friends, hooking and reflecting gently. Regrouping my thoughts. Accepting things as they are and then waiting. And the waiting has worked. I feel much more " Chalky " like this week. I must add that wonderful blogs like Teresa Kasner's have helped. Her post about Thanksgiving made me count my blessings anew. Her photographs looked so beautiful and full of life. Thank you Teresa.

I can feel the beginnings of a festive fizz and am so glad the bubbles are rising. I quite accept that Christmas is too commercial,too frenetic,too,lots of things. But I like to paddle over the top. I refuse to get stressed. I refuse to panic buy. I refuse to get embroiled in anything which does not make me and my family happy.

So, I think a lot. Think about the people that count and work from there. Hooking helps me think,so how good is that. And I must say having three weeks in Dubai without one drop of alcohol makes you realise that thinking can be very clear indeed!!

So. Here we have the round up of my week of pondering.

Ages ago I saw a beautiful blanket knitted by Marianne of Ladybird Diaries. I loved it. It just totally hit the spot with me. I often pin things but never get round to making them. I decided it was not fair to copy Marianne's idea so made a blankie in my favourite shades. I loved it and it has been dispatched to a new baby and luckily his mummy loves it too.

Look I think he is actually saying " hip,hip hoorah " for my blanket. Or I suppose it could be for his jungle mobile. Too cute.

I don't even knit that often but loved the patchwork woolly effect of such a pretty blanket. The blues were lovely but the Neopolitan version kept whispering. I was sure Marianne would not mind, so now I have a lovely Ladybird Diaries Neopolitan blankie tucked away in the drawer for a baby girl. Maybe to be born in 2014.

The Teddy just matches so perfectly. I bought him at a Charity Fayre and he has been patiently waiting to be a part of a cuddly parcel. Then add in a Hexie ball with a bell inside and it's all done!

I love this colour combination so much. Dusky, understated and with a really feminine slant.

I so love blog hopping and the word "cosy" is everywhere. Such a good word for December.

Here is my latest additions to my cosy welcome for people who come and stay with us. I love tucking a bottle in people's beds and turning the light on low on the bedside. A really easy way to make the covers. Trusty Granny squares. Straight lines of trebles at the top and finish with a cord. No need for shaping. A project that can be ticked off quickly. Especially as I used some squares which I had started for another project.

I know William does not appreciate cosy yet. Too young and boyish for crochet. So, this little bottle will fit the spot I hope. In Dubai he sleeps in just a nappy so I think a onesie and slippers will be next to tick off my list.


I forgot to mention the time I spent on Pinterest whils I was waiting for my energy Mojo to return. I love it.

Candy canes stuck on the vase with a blob of blu tack and tied with ribbon.

Now I just need a big bunch of Christmas flowers to pop in the vase. Red roses and ivy would be lovely. I wonder

Talking of cosy. I bought some cinnamon sticks in the souks in Dubai and had an idea for candles. I love candles at any time of year but even more so in winter. The evenings need a twinkly boost to make them gentler and warming.

This took about 2 minutes.absolutely ideal.

The next thing on my list was sweet. Sweets and sweeter. What a daft thing to try and get ready in advance.


It was full to the top and ready on the side in the utility room. I had not taken into account the Sporty Ones's sweet tooth. It really is amazing how many things he needs to do out there all of a sudden. We have also managed to munch through one bar of chocolate and a box of toffee as we have fallen foul of the evening bout of munchies. And it's only the 2nd of December.

Talking of sweet things, this candy was on sale in Dubai. I could not get over the shapes. They look even cuter in real life.


I bought some little bags and have been tucking in little packets with the little ones parcels.


So, I have been ticking quite a lot. But there is one thing that needs looking at sometime in the new year.

Every time I open this drawer the BIG BLANKET keeps winking at me. I have been shutting it quickly but it whistles a little tune. I will be meeting my old friend after Christmas. I hope our relationship becomes a little sweeter then.

And lastly I am so happy to have some new followers here at Chalky's World. I love it. And thanks to your recent generosity sharing information I am now able to email people when they are kind enough to leave a lovely comment. And they have been so lovely of late.

Now I just need to get my head around adding links to Blogsy Posts. I have watched the video. I have followed the instructions but a gremlin is stopping me. I know loads of those pesky things on a very personal level. I think they will shadow me all of my days.


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