Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Good, the bad and the downright ugly!

I have been writing stories for William.

Stories about his favourite toys and their adventures. His Great Grandma used to tell his Daddy wonderful stories but we never recorded them. I regretted that as both she, and her grandchildren became older.

So,I decided to write my stories William's stories down.

And today I made him a set of character cards. All the stars are there.

Hodge. The inspiration for the stories, and William's most beloved friend.


But there are lots of other characters in the stories.

As William now lives so far away from us I want him to know we think of him every single day. His little bedroom is ready when he comes home and his toys are a special part of that.

Look how it is before they take up their happy positions! Ok. Tidy and clean.... but not shouting out "we have been counting the minutes until you come back !" I have to undress it when he is not here or else I would miss him too much!

So, all a bit empty. And then when he is coming home... Here we have it ... The animal parade.


So,with all this furryness in mind I wanted to make William a special Christmas present . So I took photos. Got them developed,which was a bit of a challenge in our local Asda.

I was thinking of games of Matching Pairs, Snap, Memory Games. Whatever his lovely Mummy, Daddy and William can think of.

I taught the " littlies" for so many wonderful years. I remember the children and have watched them have little ones of their own . But memories of the wonderful classroom assistants I was lucky enough to have by my side have never left me. I am still friends with lots of them,thankfully.

Well I would get a big fat 0 out of 10 for this effort for William. The pouches did not seal. I ran out of the sizes I needed. All in all pretty bad.

Luckily the " Sporty One" did the cutting but it is a work in progress



That was a little bit sad as I wanted that task done and dusted and under the tree.

But I kept going with this little set. I do hope it will become a favourite resource for play.

Ahhhh. So let's move on.

Let's talk a little about the tree

My favourite part of our decorations. Every year we go and buy a fresh tree. It brings back sweet memories of Christmas' past,stretching all the way back to when I was a child and filled with wonder and excitement. Those feelings are still with me thankfully.

But this year this is the part which made up the downright ugly part of this blog post.

Sometimes, I think "let's not fret”, "that will be fine."

Time is precious at this time of year.I knew our well loved Christmad tree lights had given up the ghost last year.

So, instead of taking time. Choosing what I knew would be perfect I said "They will be fine" and " Yes, of course I am sure.I don't always need coloured lights on our real tree."

I am 60 now. What on earth was I thinking of. I do a crafty twig. I do a decorated house plant, I drape around our favourite picture. White lights are perfect for all these little places. Soft,gentle,modern. Pretty perfect really. But for as long as I can remember, and I remember pretty well, our real tree has always had the gentlest,sweetest,colourful lights adorning the pine branches.

But, these bully boys moved into my decorating arena this year.


Bought quickly,without proper thought, without following my heart. Well, within minutes I realised that LCD actually means... Loud.chronic,dense head pain. We dressed the tree, we talked of all the old and fairly crappy,but much loved decorations. And then we stood back and turned on the lights. No " ooohhhs," no " ahhhs," just " oh my goodness, they hurt."

They made the wonky angel look a strange colour. The soldier with one arm was highlighted and the hand made precious decorations looked tired rather than vintage.

So the lights were turned off. The tree laid bare. So ugly. But not for too long I hope.


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