Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Soothing and Calming.

Always, as always crafting ticks the calm button for me.

I love to sit quietly and just enjoy as many reflective moments that I can.

I have been meaning to put the finishing touches to my little, big bib obsession. Perhaps my resolution for 2014 should be just to make one or two of any given article. I love these bibs. I love special babies to have something individual, just for them. My lovely niece loved the fact that the bibs I gave her were total one offs. People asked where she got them and she was glad to say they were hand made.

So here we have the latest batch. I think my favourites are the Hungry Caterpillar. What a great story. And the scenes of London Town.


But I love this one too. Love,love,love.

And this Christmas our Great Nephew is coming for all the way from America. I thought a bib with the images of London would be just perfect as his Daddy was from the Big Smoke.

We have not met little Oliver yet, but thanks to the wonders of the Internet we are able to see what a really cute little chap he is.
Move over Father. Christmas we have some cuddling to catch up with.

I also tried to make a little bandana bib as they seemed so expensive, tiny and just a scrap of material. Surely as easy as 1,2,3!
Easy ? .... No, a real fiddly pain in the bum, bib.
I shall not be making anymore of those no matter how many pennies they cost!

This one looks pretty cute though.

And lastly my wool stash was really getting in an irritating tangle. Why can't I throw the little balls away? Bloggers unite at these times and know exactly how I feel. Perhaps we could start a small ball of yarn travelling around the world and see how big it would get.

So I started hooking around and around using every last scrap and this Blankie will be off to Mrs Twins in the New Year. Just right for warming cold knees in January.


I hope you are all finding some soothing moments as December charges ahead like a stallion on a hillside. Our pace is now going to notch up a little as family arrive for quite an amazing time for us. A year ago now soon dear Iris died. Mum lived in our village in a converted barn. She had lived there for over 25 years so it was a very sad time. But the " Sporty Ones " sister decided to buy the barn and move all the way to Devon from Aberdeen. She is arriving on Friday to start the momentous change. So it's decorating and organising for Chrismas times two.

Pictures to follow!

And I say a very huge Thank You to all my blogger friends who are still taking the time to

leave such supportive comments and also welcome to my new friends. Please pop back often.


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