Thursday, 12 December 2013

Shaldon and sun shining moments.

We have just had a really special friend visiting for a few days. So, it was ignore the lists. Look away from the cooking. Stop thinking about putting up the decorations.

Friendships need nurturing. Friends need to feel treasured. Friends need to feel the most important thing in your life when they visit. So, yesterday morning we drove to Shaldon with our friends and stole an hour or two just chatting and catching up.

The day was perfect, as was the coffee and cake. And the view well I want to live right there looking out at the river. I love Shaldon. A pretty little village on the River Teign. It has pretty little shops and a village green. I was good and did not even make blogging a priority but I managed to snap a few shots.



When we looked in the Estate Agents we decided the prices really were high,sky high.

These little beach huts might be in our price bracket. But at £250,000 each for a studio with a mezzanine layer I think not !Where would I store my yarn.never mind the sewing machine?

I love fiddling with pictures and this December day with friends was perfect but imagine these cuties bather in dappled summer sunlight. Try the app called Vintique. It's fun.


My dear friend left this morning. So, it's skates back on and off we go to get the Christmas tree. Festive pictures will soon be here.

Thank you all for leaving such lovely comments about the little bibs. I love them too.


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