Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Linda's Crafty Corner!

I think Linda is quite an old fashioned name. I was actually so ill as a baby that my Mum who was in hospital recovering from giving birth heard a Religous Service taking place. It turned out to be a Service where I was being christened and blessed by the hospital chaplain as they thought I was about to take my last breath. So,actually my parents were not there and the nurses named me without any consultation with my parents.

Can you imagine that happening these days? It is really strange as apparently my names were already chosen by my parents.I was to be called Patricia Valerie. How weird is that. There could have been a whole different persona for me.

I was christened Linda Margaret and as I made a full recovery my parents thought it to be a bad omen if they changed what had taken place that day in the hospital. So I have lived my life as Linda.

There were some other Linda's at school but I rarely met one through all my days teaching the "littlies" But I have met another lovely Linda in Blogland.

She lives in her very own Crafty Corner and a lovely place it is too.

Pop over to her blog and have a look.

When I was in Dubai I asked for some technical tips and promised I would send a little present to the person whose name I pulled out of the proverbial hat. I did my hat trick this morning and Linda's name came out. So Thank You all for the offers of help. Some I still need to follow up. Christmas craziness is filling my head just now!!

This would be a brilliant time to also say a huge Thank You to all my lovely followers and the great people who take time to try and help me. Also a big hello to my new followers.

The lovely Marianne from Ladybird Diaries has offered to help me put links in my Blogsy posts. Why the seemingly simple instructions on You Tube will not work for me is one of life's mysteries. If I had it taped I could have linked you to both Linda's and Marianne's blog. They are lovely.


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