Sunday, 8 December 2013

Hedgehog happiness.

I always like to tuck some home made,cosy extras in among the presents under the tree. Wrist warmers are absolutely perfect for this. But,this year I think they will be needed before Christmas Day. Our little family travelling homewards from Dubai will be feeling the cold when they land at Stansted The " Sporty One" will be making the long journey to collect them.

So tucked in the car will be cosy blankets. Cushions and pillows. Wrist warmers and gloves.
Dear little William loves hodge. Here is with his absolute favourite hedgehog.

Whilst spending a few minutes that should read hours on Pinterest I saw the sweetest pair of hedgehog mittens. I am really hopeless at following patterns and have been putting off making these cute little mitts for weeks. Imagine my absolute surprise and even greater delight today when I opened a little parcel delivered by the postman.

A pair of the cutest hedgehog mittens I have ever seen.

I really was quite overwhelmed,delighted and relieved in equal measure. A lovely lady from the Online Charity Group I belong to had saved my bacon.
Aren't they just wonderful?
So, I have spent my spare minutes finishing off the other pairs. And if you are looking for something cosy to wrap in pretty paper tied up with string I can not recommend them highly enough.
This pair are quick and simple. I work them like this. Chain 32 stitches and work in half trebles for 24 rows. You can add a scallop edge and decorate with a button or two. Just fold in half stitch up leaving a hole for the thumb.
You can adapt the size by altering your hook or by making a longer or shorter chain when you start hooking.i love these little wooden heart buttons.
The other pair I have made involved some clicking. Knitting definitely takes longer but gives a lovely finish. Cast on 32 stitches and knit 34 rows. Again I crocheted a scalloped edge and popped on a few pearly buttons.

But I know who are going to be the stars of the show this Christmas. Hodge and Hedge!

When life is busy for everyone the kindness involved in making them for me has made me realise just how kind people are.

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