Sunday, 24 November 2013

Thank you all so much. And your kindness will provide a welcome distraction.

I was hesitant to ask for help. It felt like all those years ago and memories of school days when your Mum used to say " why didn't you put your hand up and ask?" when you could not do your homework.

Little did she know how daft you felt when everyone else seemed to have a firm grip on the situation.

But, am I glad I asked and I am even more glad to be surrounded by such generous folk. Advice,encouragement,offers of help, a concensus of agreement and just plain loveliness has made me feel really wonderful.

I have learnt so much and understand things so much better. I have often not followed new wonderful blogs That I have discovered because my blog list is so long. I had no idea you could follow blogs through a reading list. I either read posts because they were flagged up on my sidebar or through the wonderful activity I call Blog Hopping. An addiction I do not want to break.

Those spam comments were irritating me and Linda showed me how to clear the pesky things out of my bog. AND when I followed her instructions ( see the comments from my last post if you are troubled by them) there were over 8000 such comments. Most were boring,so boring but a couple caught my eye which made me laugh.

One of my posts was about having a PJ crafting day and there was a so am invitation to activate my web cam and do a sexy dance!!!! Not a pretty sight or thought for that matter.

I have now set up an email response to the lovely people who take time to leave me comments. I often felt I was not giving the same generosity back.

Anyway, I still have things to master and generally fiddle with but I think this tinkering time is going to prove to be a very welcome distraction to having to say "Goodbye" once again to our family and especially the edible William. Of course we have been spoilt having 3 weeks with nothing else to do but enjoy him. And we have so much. I was very tearful tonight when I read him his last bedtime story for a while. How wonderful to be Grandma and not care how many times you read the same story. Just that little chubby soul on your lap cuddled in makes story time perfect.

His favourite right now is "What The Ladybird Heard" by that wonderful author Julia Donaldson, of the Gruffalo fame. He can put in the last word in each sentence.

So we leave tomorrow, but I shall be looking at these photos ( and a million more ) so often when I get home.

A lovely group photo.


In the next photo I love that little hand gripping hold of us both.


We were lucky enough to see him enjoy a little friends Birthday Party.he was so funny. All the others had finished their tea but there was no way he was going to be distracted with cake around!

So much water play.



Buying him his very own Buster!


Just cuddling and singing Nursery Rhymes.


Yes, we are going to miss him but are going home with so many happy memories.

A wonderful friend reminded me of something she had read. It said you should be Grandparents before you have your own children and then you would truly appreciate your own little ones when they are tiny.




I remember another friend making me a Cross Stitch picture which said.

Quiet down cobwebs.

Dust go to sleep.

I'm rocking my babies.

And babies don't keep.


How very,very true.



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