Tuesday, 19 November 2013

I am the strangest shopper ever. Or am I?

We have been in Dubai for 2 weeks now and are beginning to find our way around a little.
Our first venture was to visit the Dubai Mall. Surely it must be the largest Mall in the world?
On another outing we went to the Emirates Mall. To find a place to park was absolutely horrendous as it was so,so busy. Oh, and this mall is so big it has a snow dome large enough to house a ski lift! The free parking everywhere is brilliant though.
Now, I have spoken before about my quirkiness. It travels with me as a faithful friend. I almost treat such prestigious,expensive and almost regal places with an interested indifference. Of course I see the beautiful jewellery. Of course I can wonder at the handbags. I glance at the clothes as I pass. But I very,very rarely want to go in. It is just not for me. I suppose it could be considered to be very sad when I actually thought about going into Lakeland and looking at their wonderful cooking things whilst on a holiday!
The "Sporty One" is totally used to this. Of course his feelings are mixed with a large dollop of relief. I would not call myself high maintenance and that makes for an easier life all around. But, he is very patient in his approach to other areas of shopping. He knows wherever we go what really interests me is fabric,ribbon,yarn and buttons. And,I love him even more because he never says stupid things like "what are you going to make with that?" or " haven't you got enough buttons or ribbon?" In fact what he does say is " are you sure you have got enough!" And before you ask he is not for sale at any price, not even on loan.
Well,luckily I am well matched when we are staying with our daughter in law. She is exactly the same. So,we left the malls. We left the 7 star hotels. We left the tallest buildings. We left the 8 lane motorways and we went searching.
We went to an old part of Dubai. The streets were small. The roads narrow. The pavements narrower still and we found the textiles area. Shop after shop selling materials. I was in material heaven and could have chosen lots more. But,my stock is fat and my cupboard full at home so I was gentle on the shopping.
Hard when the cotton fabrics are about £2.50 a yard. Designs of every type and colour. Roll upon roll.
There are some more little babies due,so some of this material has been earmarked for my favourite bibs. And the pretty flip flops and fireworks lengths are going to be saved for some handy drawstring bags. Perfect.

So,happy with my fabric booty we walked a little further down the street. My morning was made even more perfect by the discovery of a Dubai haberdasheray. A shop far too small and packed with goodies to even house a Christmas cake decoration never mind a ski slope. Every shelf was full. Ribbons,buttons,bells,card embellishments and lots,lots more besides.

I decided not to push my luck by taking too long. The " Sporty One " was fine but the edible William was looking fed up being stuck in such a boring shop. He has a lot to learn!!! There were balls of wool high up but I left them for others and concentrated on selecting what I wanted from the buttons,bells and ribbons.

I have it in mind to make some shabby chic hearts from this material. I bought it in the fabric souk after some interesting haggling.

The red spotty ribbon will make hanging loops. As for the blue roll.Well it just jumped into my hand... As they do.

These little wooden buttons will finish the hearts off perfectly. I can just see them hanging up for Christmas.

Of course William was the star of the show and the man selling the head scarves soon whipped him up a totally suitable look for the souk!
I just love that bemused somewhat long suffering look!


So, nearly all my shopping was complete. Nearly,but not quite. Another favourite thing to do when we travel is to visit a local supermarket. Being here for 3 weeks has meant a few visits and the spice aisle is always one of the best places to browse. I was not disappointed. What a great amount for so few pennies. I have some special mixes in mind for small Christmas gifts. They smell divine and will remind me of such a wonderful trip. If we are lucky enough to visit again I might google a local cookery course. The Lebanese food we have been eating has been delicious.Falafels and Haloumi wraps spread with Hummous and pickles!

I have been following ( I really mean become addicted to) Pinterest for a while now and I have seen candles wrapped in Cinnamon sticks.So a few were popped in a bag to take home.

And last of all something I had never seen before. Dried lemons. Pop one inside a chicken. Add to Cous Cous or Bulghar Wheat and apparently the lemony flavour is delicious never mind the aroma.

So quirky but wonderful.

The perfect shopping combination.

I would like to end this post with a heartfelt vote of thanks to all my lovely followers who take the time to leave such kind and encouraging comments. They really do brighten my days. And whoop whoop thanks to a lovely new follower I have now reached 222 followers. Thank you all.


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