Friday, 1 November 2013

Excited Rainbows.

I am feeling excited. There I said it!

But,first I have to say I am feeling thankful. The response to my last post was heart warming.

It certainly warmed my heart. To share words must be one of the most powerful ways to experience friendship and solidarity. Thank you all for taking the time to make me feel special,cared for and cared about by sharing your words with me.

Thank you also to my new followers.

Whenever I am excited I get massive butterflies and my tummy flip flops. I talk too much and worry a little.

So, when I am excited I pretend I am not. I craft quietly,I pretend nothing is happening and I try to ignore it all. The poor '" Sporty One" never sleeps the night before we travel. That's probably because he knows I am ignoring it all and he is responsible for everything.

He has given up worrying about my inability to go through the scanners without setting off the alarms.

Last time it was a pot full of Play Dough which apparently looked like plastic explosives!

So. I am packing my hook,my plastic needles and a big ball of wool. We shall see.

The excitement...... We are off to Dubai to see the edible William and our son and daughter in law early on Sunday morning.There I have said it again. I am so excited. I really do try not to be a painful Mother In Law. So although lots of little treats are tucked in the suitcase they are not over the top in a Grandma spoiling way.

Books,books and more books. How I have missed those little chubby arms asking to be picked up and share a story. That little curl of hair at the base of his neck and those magic words you hear when you are a Grandma reading a book " again."

A floor jigsaw bought for a few pennies from the Charity Shop.

William's teddies that he was not able to take but I have been showing him on Skype every week.

A swimming towel from his Great Grandmas house.

And a bendy snake. To play a trick on Grandad.

Actually there are lots of other things tucked in but I have been packed for a week so have forgotten some.

Of course we are looking forward to seeing our son and daughter in laws new home so far away.Once we have been we will be able to picture them going about their daily lives.

House warming gifts are lovely and I so wanted to make something.As always I got out my trusty hook.

I love the work of Loretta Grayson.. Have you seen her beautiful blog?

I was inspired by her cushion cover and made one of my own to take to Dubai. It is all about rainbows. Sunny,happy days. And I hope they love it.

All the colours I think about when I think of a young family sharing happy days,new adventures and an exotic land. I am so looking forward to visiting the old part of Dubai. The souks packed with fabrics,spices,materials and exotic things.

Tasting new things.

Sharing rainbows through the fountain shows.


The " Sporty One " looked at it after just securing all the suitcases, weighing them and declaring we were ready asked... " how are you are you going to take that!"

I said as hand luggage of course. I have double checked it for crochet hooks,scissors,needles!

So it really should not set off the alarms.

I definitely do think I am quirky. But that's fine.


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