Sunday, 10 November 2013

Dubai Days.

Thank you all so much for all your encouraging comments about our trip to see our family in Dubai.

We have missed them so much. So it was wonderful just to relax on a plane and know we would soon be there.

I had no agenda, no lists of "must sees or do's!" I did not bring a holiday book and came with very little yarn. I always pop a hook and needles in my hand luggage and to date have never had a problem crafting aboard planes. I just would not worry if my hook or needles were confiscated. However,it certainly is a lovely way to while away the hours.

So,we have seen the tallest building in the world. We have seen the only seven star hotel in the world ( from the outside!) We have watched magical fountain shows where the water reaches 37 stories on a building high. An amazing place where houses live on palms and fish swim in shops.

Suites in hotel cost £13,000 a night and afternoon tea £75. Mind you if you fancy a cuppa there is a waiting list for a table!

The roads are crazy. Eight lanes awash with Lamborghini's, Ferrari's, Mezzarati's and the like.

But we were lucky enough to go to the old part of Dubai and walk along the Creek.


Where water taxi rides cost about 10 pence and cold drinks for just a few pence. The food we have tasted has been delicious and the people so friendly.

Of course for me the Souks were a real treat with winding passageways and mystical goods spilling out of doorways at every turn. Fabrics,gold,spices and colourful wares. The aromas reminding you of stories of old. There was both Frankincense and Myrrh in jute sacks. So many things I did not recognise and dared nor enquire about as a long explanation ensued and invitations to " just come inside Madam!"

Men wanting you to buy their wares and enter their shops for some serious bartering. A long time ago in my Chalky life I used to love bartering but I have now passed the crown on to my daughter in law who is much better at it than me.

So we wandered as the sun was setting. The old nestled happily with the new. As we walked the boats became twinkling stars against the dark water of the creek. My favourite place so far.

And I did come home with some beautiful bowls, some cinnamon sticks for Christmas crafting, some dried lemons ... Now they do look interesting and 3 traditional red head scarves. Not that we are going to start a new trend but they are of the most beautiful cotton and perfect for Shabby Chic hearts filled with Lavender.


So, we are having an amazing time. But the simple things in life are often the best. Catching up with our family. Spending time with William. Reading a million stories,swimming,going to the park,laughing and singing and just now,his favourite Hide and Seek!



And acrobatics with Grandad! He used to play just the same game with his Daddy!


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