Monday, 14 October 2013

The easiest Tutorial for a Crochet Hat.


Crochet is a bit like a ladder to me ... Always another step to climb and learning new techniques as I go.

I love the speed in which hooky projects grow. I totally love it's forgiving nature. Keep on hooking and generally it all works out well in the end. It's that " Be happy, Don't worry" appoach .

After hooking relentlessly around Momma Blankets. Cosy,useful,cuddly ........ And a humongous amount of stitches I wanted to add some other little items to my Greenfiels parcel.I knitted a few hats. Knitting takes ages!

So I started to crochet a hat. And after reading the inspirational story of an amazing lady on the Greenfields site who is 90 and still making hats I wanted to make some too. I noticed hers had a ribby effect on the rim.

I always end up losing the pattern page after flicking ontoFacebook to see if there any more gorgeous photos of the edible William. How he has grown in the Dubai sunshine!!


So with a rough idea how the pattern went I set forth with my hook and made up this pattern which is "fall off a step" easy.

It goes like this...

Round 1. Chain 5 and slip stitch to make a loop.

Round 2.working in to this loop chain 2 ( to represent your first treble) and then treble 9 more stitches into the loop. 10 trebles in total

Round 3. Work 2 trebles in every space from round 2. 20 trebles in total.

Round 4. Work 2 trebles in every space from the previous round. 40 trebles in total. This is the basis of your hat.just doubling up on the rounds like that makes for a very quick, easy and attractive crown for the hat.

Round 5. This is where we are going to work the first round with a hook in front of a post stitch. Start your round with 2 chain,work 3 more trebles in the next 3 spaces. This is making your first set of 4 before your first post stitch. This stitch is easy and yet gives a raised rib effect.

Yarn around hook and work your hook through the next post from your previous row instead of working in the space. And continue your treble stitch in the normal way.

Working in the very next space and around the circle work 4 trebles( your next set) and another front post treble. Continue in this way until you have completed the round and slip stitch to finish. I have popped some red yarn to show the front post stitches and arrows to show them all around this round.

Round 6 to 16 continue in this pattern and same number of stitches.

By working continuous rounds in this manner without any increases at all the circle slowly pulls in to make a hat shape. I worked rounds and rounds until it reached the size I wanted.

This pattern is so easy to just keep working because you can see so clearly if your sets are in line. If you do miss a stitch don't worry either add one or put 2 together. It never shows. I love crochet!!

So here we have it the hat partly finished and the finishing technique for the rim is what I have just learnt. You can actually make a ribby,stretchy rim for a hat. It is such a handy technique to have in your stitchery repertoire.

It goes like this.

Round 17. Work 1 treble in every space leaving the stitch in the front of post stitches out on this row.. This first row of trebles forms a good foundation to the ribby band. It actually pulls the hat part that you have worked in.

Round 18 to 22. Now work a front of post stitch in every post from the previous row. Work as many rows as you want like this. As you can see I have worked 4. The more you work the stretchier it becomes and the rib part of the hat becomes more and more defined. I found it important not to have too tight a tension on your last row as this is the part that pulls over the head and sits on the forehead.

I am still amazed after a lifetime of hooking I have got this ribbing sorted. I am sure it will be just as effective on the bottom of jumpers or cardigans.

Sew in the ends and finish off just as you please. A crochet flower. A button. A Pom Pom or even a Twirly Whirly.

Of course a little bit of an obsession has been going on but I am so pleased to be able to tuck some hats in with the blankets.



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  1. How spooky! I was just searching for an easy crochet hat pattern. I am currently making my first crochet hat in Aran yarn but it's turning out quite thick and rigid. What type of yarn and hook have you used for these?


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