Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Stories for William part Two and some good book tips.

Our son,daughter in law and William in Dubai have been without the Internet in their new apartment so I have been waiting for some feedback from William about the second story I have written for him. He loved Buster the dog best when he looked at the first story.he shouted "Buster,Buster,Buster!!!"

So this story has been waiting in the wings.... I hope he likes it.

"William Comes to Stay In Ogwell."


A month tomorrow we start our journey to Dubai to see them. I can not wait. I want to see everything about their new life there so that we when we return I shall be able to close my eyes and picture it all. That will make them seem a little closer I am sure.

Before then we are lucky enough to be able to see our youngest daughter who has been "Ocean Bound" all summer but she is now in Barcelona for the winter so we can call in to see her on our way home. Can't wait to give her a massive cuddle. We have not seen her since April and can't wait to catch up with all her news and exciting plans.Pet Lions and road trips have been mentioned!!!!!!!


We have been reading a lot here in Spain as the temperatures are still in the high 30's in the shade.

A while ago I adoped a traffic light system to grade the books I read. I have 2 "green light" books to report on. They are very different,but I loved them both and have no hesitation in recommending them.

"The Hundred Year Old Man who climbed out of the Window and Disappeared" delighted me. It made me laugh out loud and I read it so easily.It is so cleverly written and so ridiculous you want everyone to read it.

Secondly I loved "The Light Between Oceans. "

A story that will stay with me forever. I honestly do believe it is not until you walk in another mans shoes you know how life can feel. Apparently it is going to be made into a film. I am so glad I read the book first.

Now, when it comes to recommendations anyone who visits me here at Chalky's knows of my love of Rod Stewart and I have just been given his new album called "Time". I am love,love loving it. I must get to see him next year.

And the "Sporty One" has dedicated to me!!!

I love Track number 12 the best. I defy anyone with children not to shed a tear when you listen to it. I did. I know I cry at lovely things a lot but the words say it all. When I get a new CD I like to put it on and google the lyrics so that I understand every word and these are heartfelt.

It is called " Pure Love" and he has dedicated it to his children.

So, stories,songs and another little snippet today is a film. I hardly ever watch films but this one I loved.

I put down my crochet hook and yarn and became enthralled with it all. The story,the acting just everything.

Russell Crowe was amazing.

And lastly if you are feeling the heat like us,or just relaxing,or have two minutes to spare and can access the App "Words With Friends " or should that read Fiends? You can enjoy an online game of Scrabble and have a little chat at the same time.

I am getting seriously whopped by Teresa Kasner

And we are having a lovely exchange of family news as we play. I am going to stop chatting on my next game though because I need to concentrate or it will be Teresa 5 ,Chalky 0,,, !!!!! Teresa is good!

So my lovely followers thank you for your continued support,lovely comments and taking the time to travel along with me.


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