Sunday, 27 October 2013

I know crafting is best when ......

I have an Auntie who is ninety next year. When my Mum and I were arguing when I was little she was always there to rescue me. When I had tangles in my hair and my Mum pulled so hard tears came to my eyes she was there with a Mason Pearson hairbrush and a kind word.i have a picture of us on her wedding day. Apparently I climbed under the top table and managed to squirm my way onto her lap!

Later she had two boys and I think I was the daughter she would have loved.

When I was in trouble she was the mum I would have loved. She used to make " crunch crunch" ( a digestive biscuit and cocoa concoction) which she kept in a purple tin in the larder. She never told on me,even though she knew my frequent need for the toilet in her house was circumnavigated by another visit to the larder and a delicious chunk of the delectable "crunch crunch"on the way.

Of course I grew up, but we still have a lovely relationship. I write letters, she replies. We send ( just each other ) Christmas and Birthday presents. She is just really special to me.

Imagine my horror when I found myself in Marks and Spencer's yesterday and thinking about her for Christmas. For one second I picked up,and considered a packet of scented drawer liners for £2.99. I put them straight back. A present for an old person. Yes,she is 90 next year. A present in a rush. I would never think of her like that.

So I came home and thought just about her. Still living independently . Still gardening. Still cooking. Still laughing. So I got out my trusty hook and thought about the last time I visited her. The windowsill was full of plants. Pans were on the cooker. So I put some love into every stitch and made her a plant/ pot holder.

By using the new stitch working into the front of the post gives you a thick ridged base to the holder which will help to protect window sills or work tops.


Then I chose some special cards that I have made.


And last of all I chose a little notebook I made using Mulberry Paper and a sweet heart and button. Perfect for the lists she makes to help her with the word games she plays every day. Or maybe to write the number 30 down in large numerals. As the camera captured her breaking the speed limit last year. She quickly paid the fine as she thought herself too old to go to the driving course which was offered as an alternative!

...... Aaaaaahhhh so much better. She will know I still love her and I do. Much more than standing in Marks and Spencer's with loose change and buying a present that "would do!"

Actually I know the part we both look forward to the most .Tucked inside the parcel under the tree will be a long hand written letter with all the latest news of our families .
We then have a long standing tradition to see who is the first to write the "thank You " letter.

I cherish these rituals and know that slowly as the Circle of a Life is turning these lovely traditions will end and the last remaining link to my Childhood will be gone. How I shall miss her.


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