Friday, 25 October 2013

How many squares to the gallon?

Well we have just returned from a nearly 5000 mile long journey. It was wonderful especially catching up with our daughter in Barcelona.

It is such a beautiful city and I love Parc Guell. A Little bit of Gaudi at a time seems just perfect. Enough to enjoy but not too much to overwhelm.She is there for a while thank goodness. So far I have loved the 2 Gaudi houses and Parc Guell. The cathedral is next on our agenda.

I had decided before we left Southern Spain to drive home to make a blanket for my God Daughters birthday. A change for me. Bright,zingy,lively colours just like her.

Now the "Sporty One " and I make good travelling companions. He loves to drive and I love to craft, but that was a long way. I could take the time to divide the miles by the number of stitches but no need for here is the evidence.
My goodness I can tell you there are zillions. There are mistakes too. A passenger seat and driving well does not provide the easiest place to work in. I hooked. I sewed in ends. I compiled,and really could not see what it looked like until I got home shook it out. I have been like a woman possessed ever since working the border.

It suits her to a tee. Lively and colourful and I know she will snuggle down under it on winter days with her favourite book and I shall be able to picture her in my mind.
I tucked a label on so that she will remember me too!

I did my very own little bit of yarn bombing all the way home.Every time we stopped I twirled the latest woolly ends on a twig or hedge. I wonder if anyone noticed as they travelled in our footsteps?
This last little pile is for our garden here in the Springtime. A bright little nest lining for some special bird.
I have really enjoyed working the African Flower Granny Square but I think my next project will involve working 1 a week instead of a blanket if 49 in one week.
Also a gentler palette with just a little zing.

Here is my take on the pattern if you want to try it
  1. Chain 3 and join to make a ring.
  2. Work 16 trebles in to the ring in sets of 2 with 1 chain in between each set of 2.
  3. In each chain space work 3 trebles.8 sets of 3 in total .
  4. In each chain space work as follows.2 trebles,3chain,2 trebles.
  5. Working in the space created by the 3 chain work 7 trebles.there is no need for a chain in between the sets.
  6. Now I worked a small defining round in double crochet.start at the base of 1 of the sets of seven trebles and work 1 double crochet in each treble.then work an elongated double crochet into the row can see this quite clearly if you look at the yellow row in the picture above. This definitely gives a nice petalised effect.
  7. Now we are going to start to change the circle into the square shape we need to make our blanket.
  8. I found it easiest to make it (fairly) even to start in the middle double crochet stitch in a set of 7.
  9. Work 2 double trebles.( the yarn goes twice around your hook before you start the stitch)2 chain 2 double trebles.this is in fact making your first corner. Continue in this way.2 trebles,2 half trebles,7 double crochet,2 half trebles,2 trebles. And you should be ready to start your next corner.continue around your work until slip stitching to complete the round. It's worth checking now that you have indeed 4 corners.
  10. To finish the square you work the whole round in trebles as follows. Corners have a pattern of 2 trebles 1 chain,2 trebles and the sides have 1 treble in every space from the previous row.
  11. Give it a tug and block and you will have a super square.
So,that is me back home for a few days. And whilst I am delighted to have completed such a big project little things are on the hook now!

My knees are going to miss that cuddly blanket so a hot water bottle cover in sleepy colours is next.
Thanks as always to all my lovely followers for taking the time to leave comments they really do brighten my days.

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