Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Bloggers like Baskets ... I think!

Blog hopping is so inspiring. How often I look at a blog and think "that's just how I would like it" or " I love the look of that" It's like meeting your best friend for coffee and cake.

I love baskets. Every type. To plant in,to go to market with,to make yummy hampers in, to store books and magazines in. I think you are getting the picture. I actually do not think anyone can have too many. There is always a use for one. A prettifying idea.

I picked up this beauty in a market in France for 5 Euros. I love it.


Immediately I popped my yarn in it and have been happily hooking with it by my side.

It actually fits in the footwell of the car so I have packed it ready for our long journey home. What a different colour palette for me. Bright and zingy.

I can never resist making a start just to see how it fits!

A new pattern Granny for me too .... The African Flower. I very rarely,if ever rip my work back but those two squares with yellow in placed next to each other are shouting at me just now. Quieter down yellow. Rest and cosy down.

It is a special blanket for a special little girl who is bright,zingy and full of life.

So it should be just right. No pale borders to calm it down .. Just zing,zing,zing.

I always like to have something else to turn to so I have been knitting some more squares for another blanket inspired by the lovely blog Ladybird Diaries. So if the miles get long it will be perfect . No room by my feet for another basket so this pretty bag will tuck in nicely.

And the miles will whizz by as we are travelling first of all to see our youngest daughter who is in Barcelona for the winter and we have not seen her since April. I can not wait for a very big cuddle and catch up.


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