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There is a simple pattern for a sweet little purse on my sidebar which I have had some lovely comments about. It is quick and simple and ideal for tucking a hanky or some hair toggles in and then popping it in a box destined for far away lands.

Operation Christmas Child is one of the charities I love to support and I have mentioned it many times here at Chalky's!

I am a total butterfly with my crafting pursuits. I start big projects,tire.

Start small projects, get bored.

This never worries me but I always have a basket beside me with an assortment of things on the go.

Simple hooking that I can do whilst pretending to concentrate on what is going on. Clicking at times because I love the finish of knitting. And then "Grand Designs!!!" The beginnings of great things. The evidence is there in the bag...tucked well down!

But these fledglings are never wasted. I start new patterns and then stuff them away as I know they will take an age to complete.

Then I make myself get the bag of doom out and make something .

I was thinking a big blanket made with these pretty hexagons a good idea. That lasted for one hexagon. Too much,too heavy, too bright. Anyway I think I started that a year ago and when I pulled it out yesterday a metamorphosis was underway. Let's get something done and ready to go to a good cause.

A purse is born!

I think a little girl will love this pretty shape and row of buttons. I loved tucking things away when I was little. Usually odd things. Call me quirky!

Anyway a quick and easy project.

Chain 3 and slip stitch to make a circle. Chain 3 ( this represents your first treble) and then work 11more trebles into your ring.Change colour.


Work 2 trebles in every space created on your first round. slip stitch to finish and change colour.

Work 3 trebles in each space from previous round. Slip stitch and change colour.

Now the pattern changes start the hexagon shape. Slip stitch in one space and chain 4. Slip stitch in next space between your Granny clusters and chain 4. Continue in this manner until you have made 12 not change colour this time.


Continue your next round as follows. Chain 3 ( that first treble again), 2 trebles, 1 chain,3 trebles in the first loop. In the next loop work 1 cluster of 3 next loop work 3 trebles,1chain,3 trebles to make your second corner and continue like this. Give it a pull and "Tah Dah" you have a hexagon. Slip stitch to finish and change colour.

I worked 2 more rounds to make my purse the size I wanted it but you can choose the size you like the best.

Just work an extra set of three trebles between the corner sets on each round.

Here is side 1 of my purse finished.

And like all the best Blue Peter shows... Here is another one I made earlier!!

So, the best part about writing tutorials is you end up with at least two items.

I placed the back and front pieces on top of each other and starting with slip stitch I joined them together. But because. I wanted the opening to be big enough for little hands I did not start the joining until after 1 corner cluster.

I have put my hook in the space so that you an see what I mean.

Making sure the 2 sides match work a slip stitch through both of the last stitches from your final round. As this is the point where the purse will be opened and closed work 4 more slip stitches to make it strong and firm. Ensure you go through both the front and back stitch( 4 loops) to make sure the join is secure and strong. Work around until you come to the last but one cluster on the fifth side of your hexagon.

Because this will be the opening point of the purse I have worked 5 single Crochets into the same space to strengthen it just like I did at the beginning of the joining process.

Lastly before you start the finishing touches work a single crochet around each of the opening edges.

The little closing flap is really easy. Crochet a little flap either using clusters of 3 trebles like this one.

Or rows of single trebles like this one.

Finish the purse by making 3 loops with single crochet and chains. A picot edging which is so useful for closing any crochet item you make.

Then add the buttons. I love finding them in my stash. And you could add a pretty tie if you want to.



If there is any problems with this tutorial please leave me a message or email me. I hope you like it and make some for someone special.


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