Friday, 11 October 2013

A lovely pile.



After a busy summer when all seemed totally family orientated with a close circle of thoughts about loved ones,the beginning of Autumn has led me to think a little bit further afield.

Every morning upon waking.... Usually late,I stir from sleep and make a positive affirmation. Simple but meaningful. Then I actually give a little mental note of thanks for the new day and all we have. So much,so much,so much.

The simple things that cost nothing like blue skies and sunshine. The things which cost little,like the choices we make each day. But also for the big,huge enormous things which we take for granted...... freedom,water,food,warmth,love and peace to name but a few.

So,with Autumn has come a feeling of nesting and collecting. Gathering and giving.

A lovely pile to tuck in the car for postage as soon as we arrive home.

Greenfields Africa seems such a wonderful site and I have made this little pile for them. And what a lot I have learnt along the way.

2 Momma Blankets for Mommas and babies.

Colourful and bright with little hidden "silky taggies" for the babies to snuggle up to.


What a way to bust your stash as they need to measure 1 metre square. For the second blanket I practised joining Granny Squares as you go. My first little foray into this technique. It's good.

Then I started little hats. Little hats,medium hats, big hats.

First knitting,then crochet.


I love the finish knitting gives but my goodness it's slooooowwww!

Then I tumbled upon crocheting round the front post. A new adventure for me.....I will blog about this very venture in my next post. But I got it after a little You Tube demonstration and some hooky practice.

Quicker hats,pretty hats,holey hats,crochet hats.

Woo Hoo ... That ribbed effect is made by hooking around the front of the post. I really like it.


Just add a little flower and a button and it's fit for a Princess.

A Granny cluster hat. My first attempt at this hat and using the very same crochet around the post stitch stitch resulted in a ribby finish for the base of the hat. It's stretchy yet fitting. I am so pleased I have learnt so much whilst giving a little bit too.

And finally a simple Beanie my daughter tucked in my charity box last time she was with me.


So a pile. A pile of fluffy goodness soon to make its way to far distant lands with lots of love tucked in.


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