Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Casa Batllo. A wonderful tour of one of Gaudi's famous buildings in Barcelona

This morning the "Sporty One" and I split up. Not in a bad way,but if you had to choose between Barcelona's Football Stadium or one of the finest houses designed by Gaudi in Barcelona which would you choose?

Come with me and keep me company!


It is one of Gaudi's masterpieces. The striking facade hides more than just a building,it hides another world.


I found it beguiling ,bewitching,fascinating and magical.much of the house is said to be inspired by the sea and this window in the roof is just like a turtle shell. This aquatic theme is evident at every twist and turn. It is with you with every step you take.


I actually wanted to be transported back in time so that I could just open the door and live there for a few days. I wanted to be able to speak fluent Spanish. I wanted to be a young SeƱorita who slept in pure white cotton sheets dappled by the light of the coloured windows and light tunnels.




Casa Batllo is a remodel of a previously built house. It was redesigned in 1904 by Gaudi. It was originally designed for a middle class family and it is situated in a prosperous area of Barcelona. What amazed me was that it is still owned by a priate family. The entrance fee seemed to represent a contribution to preserving this wonderful building.




Anyone who loves to learn will indeed learn so much as you wander around with an audio guide.

Even though it was August it was not overcrowded, but pleasant and relaxing.

A photographers dream.




What it confirmed for me is that I love the curved,languorous lines of modernism,or Art Noveau.

Gaudi wanted to avoid straight lines completely.

Even in the attic the curves architecturally not only give strength but also allow air and light to flood the building.



I took lots of photos and I hope you enjoy them and if ever you are lucky enough to come to Barcelona buy a postcard of the football stadium if you must but follow in my footsteps and visit this amazing house of whimsical dreams.



The sewing room!!!

Thr rooftop terrace towers over Barcelona. A wonderful glimps can be had from here of the facade at the back of the house. Mosaics rule the day at every twist and turn.

Imagine these planters filled with red geraniums.




And then just like the scene on the rooftops in Moulin Rouge you are right up there on the roof of the Casa Batllo .

Chimneys grouped together as a mosaic feature. Usefulness and art meeting head on.



And amongst all this, a dinosaurs back stretching across the chasm. The chasm of the roof that is somehow linked by Gaudi to literary works such as 20,000 leagues under the sea and Greek legends.

I said whimsical was the word. Quirky certainly sums it up too!




As Gaudi got older his Religous fervour grew and grew. Another masterpiece in Barcelona the Sagrada Familia become his whole life in later years.

The arch on the roof has been likened to the back of a dragon or dinosaur. And this cross at the corner of the building represents the sword of Saint George the patron Saint of Catalonia which has been plunged into the dragons back.



Now,anyone who follows life here at Chalky's may be wondering how the "Sporty One" got on. Well he loved it. He is a lifelong supporter of West Ham. He played for the Juniors in his teens and supports them with a fervour I keep for yarn.

But imagine his delight this morning when he suddenly realised he was sharing the view of the pitch with players from the West Ham football team. And even better they are playing a football match against Spain this evening. Ok, it's only a friendly but a ball is being kicked, so guess where we are going this evening?

Joy of joys .... To watch them. I am just getting ready to leave and I have packed my bag with my knitting and a good book!!!

Opposites certainly attract here at Chalky's World.


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