Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Barcelona of Gaudi and a bit more of Chalky love!

I do love travelling and spending short periods of time in cities.And my blog has become like the best travel journey made even better by all the lovely comments left by you. My lovely followers. Thank you.

Barcelona on our first day proved to be a treat!

Every day is certainly a school day when you realise there is so much to learn about Gaudi. I certainly never realised he was hit by a tram and was sent to a paupers hospital because no one recognised him when he lay on the street. He died in this hospital two days later.

Gaudi really has become the essence of the touristy part of the city.

It is strange when you find yourself in the actual place where images you are so familiar with originated. I bet lots of these images centred around the mosaic work of Gaudi will strike a chord whether you have been to Barcelona or not.


The Guell Parc was amazing. And tomorrow I am looking forward to visiting the Temple de la Segrada Familia. Although I fear it will not being looking its best, as we saw a lot of scaffolding and a few cranes around it today. Oh, and crowds and crowds of people. I may just wander a bit more around the outside and save the treat of looking inside when we visit Briony when she is living here all winter. It will certainly be cooler than the thirty something degrees the temperatures reached this afternoon.

Also whilst the "Sporty One " has a tour of the Famous Stadium which is home to Barcelona's football team tomorrow I am going to explore one of the Gaudi houses. Imagine the view from the rooftops. It reminds me of the scene from Moulin Rouge.


Whilst we were eating tonight we talked of our favourite part of our visit so far and as much as I totally love the obvious I also love the quirky too. And as we were walking I was snapping and saw other sides of Barcelona.

The Olympic Stadium high on a hillside with stunning views back over the city.

I was amazed that at times Barcelona seemed so quiet with little traffic or noise.

You are never far from a plate of Tapas in Spain and Jamon is one of the favourites.

The fruits look wonderful and are so much cheaper in Spain than France.

What a treat to see the displays.

Loved this little spot... Down a little side street... Just waiting !



And a kilo of these were too good to pass by. Sweet and delicious and just right on a hot afternoon.

And just one to finish. Someone with a window box maybe.

How lucky to be retired. As much as I loved teaching these September days are very sweet.

I loved these little aprons and P.E bags for the new term here in Spain.


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