Sunday, 22 September 2013

Terrazzo ...

I was feeling so sorry for myself and fed up with Blogsy earlier.

I had written a long post and then in a puff of letters and the odd click it disappeared.

When things go wrong I go really quiet. I don't stamp and shout,but I had made collages with Diptic etc,etc. so now a while on I will leave out the words and let the pictures do the talking.

Our back terrace in our little town house in Spain.
Some pictures of my favourite things.
By day.
And a new idea I have just added for warm sultry evenings.
Take a cheap table spoon and Yuri Geller it!
Bend the handle of the spoon to a 90 degree angle. Tie it on the tree with pretty ribbon and pop a tea light in the bowl of the spoon.
Light it up and there we have the prettiest little lights to end the day.


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