Monday, 2 September 2013

Road Trip 2013. A roundabout route to Turre.

When our youngest daughter left our home a year ago she started an adventure which has encompassed thousands of miles. Traversing the Atantic and seeing the white sands of the Bahamas from Miami and Fort Lauderdale .But,she loves Europe the most. She uses WhatsApp and tells us we must follow in her footsteps!

Well who are we to argue?

So this week we set off.

Leaving Devon and travelling through France to a little village called Saint Paul De Vence. It is above Antibes on the French Riviera. We are walking in her footsteps indeed. Finding where she had lodgings. Walking where she walked to get a job. Visiting the markets where she shopped .... Magic.

The French really can do chic and I guess it does not get much more chic than here. We drove to Monaco yesterday. Our very old and well loved Jaguar looked very serene and elegant among some of the other brasher,flasher,louder cars!

Here is just a little taster of what I have loved!

The hotel up in the mountains... Oh Trip Advisor. I love you!







And just a short stroll down the hill, the Guy Pieters Gallery. Free,welcoming,warm and fun. These statues reminded me so much of the Broomhill Art and Sculpture Hotel in Barnstaple, North Devon where our son got married.




This horse is made completely from Horse Shoes. It looks amazing basked in the evening light.



Just a glimpse of the architecture in nearby Antibes. So French.


And the signs and calligraphy. I love it all.


This logo just about says it all in any language.

We are, and we are loving it. Thank you Briony your footsteps are leading us along an excellent path.

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