Friday, 6 September 2013

Our last day in Barcelona. A foodie view!

Whenever we travel we love to visit markets. Any kind. Food,fish,vegetables, antique or flea and one of my favourites of all time was the button market in Hong Kong.

Today we decided to leave some of the very important "must sees" in Barcelona for another trip. Briony is here for the winter and we are excited to be seeing her in October. So it will be lovely to share some highlights with her. I love leaving a place I have enjoyed feeling that I will return. It is very hot just now and my tolerance level of being out and about in the heat of August and long queues can be short ... ish!

So this morning we headed for the Boqueria Market.

It is said that the best way to get to know a city is by visiting its markets and this one is one of the best- stocked municipal food markets in the city.

It was bustling and filled your every sense with pleasure.

It was not only the colourful produce but the way it was displayed.

Pyramids of fruit. Strands of chillies, ice crystals cradling fish, sugary sweet piles of confectionery.

A serious amount of fluoride would be needed to counteract this little lot. But what fun.

We can never walk past a Chuppa Chop without thinking of Briony!


And the opposite. Fresh fruits all ready to eat and for very little money.

The selection of fish was amazing and was fresher than any you see in Supermarkets.
Food to eat and Food to go!

And for me, a favourite,a real slurpy treat.

A fresh oyster,prepared right in front of you and served with the biggest smile.
Food to turn into traditional dishes using age old techniques like salt cod or Bacalao.

And wafer thin slices of Jamon.

Every twist and turn there was something else to see.

There were so many things I had never even seen before. Let alone tasted.

Quite refreshing that not every ingredient in the world has been featured on a cookery programme.


And of course, age old favourites. Olives in every colour and size!

And my favourite photo of the day!


Quirkiness at its very best.

So, tomorrow,early we leave Barcelona.

But,we shall be back.

We have more to see,experience and taste!!!



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