Sunday, 29 September 2013

Kindness from SIBOL.

I think kindness means a plethora of things. It means so many different things to different people.I have just stopped typing to think about it.

Kindness to me is not only an act,it's a state or an emotion. People who have showed me kindness have not necessarily done anything big,spent any money or expect to be thanked.

Soon after my mum died a lady I knew parked next to me in a car park. She did not pretend she had not seen me. She did not take ages getting out of her car to avoid having to speak to me. She just gently got out of her car walked towards me and gave me the gentlest hug and said four simple words " I am so sorry" No add ons about my Mum being "a good age, at peace now after her illness" or anything irrelevant to me at that time. And then she just as quietly left me alone.

I can still cry now remembering that kindness and understanding. Just at that time I was angry at losing my Mum. That horrible part of grief where it is impossible to see another elderly lady shopping in Marks and Spencers. That time when platitudes ring hollow and you feel like striking the next person who says "well she had a good innings!!!!"

I bet that sweet lady would not dream that amongst all the kindnesses I have been shown in my life hers, that day, still shines like a beacon.

I have spoken about my love of Blogland and Internet friendships. And my goodness there are some good,kind people living within these cyber walls.

Last year I had to have a cataract operation. It was fine. Never worry about having one. In one year I went from having a tiny spot,the start of a cataract to being blind in one eye. And then within twenty minutes my world was polished and shiny again.The nearest I have ever come to witnessing a miracle.What wonderful things surgeons can do and this one looked about twelve!! Or the half of her I could see did!

Anyway,it got me thinking. I could read again,I could knit and crochet again, I could drive again, I could type again, I could thread a needle again, I could see again. And yet there are so many people all over the world who are not lucky enough to have that simple operation. I looked into the charity "Sightsavers"and then the idea grew and since then kindnesses have been heaped one on top of the other.

I contacted Sue at SIBOL which actually should stand for the epitome of kindness. SIBOL stands for Sunshine International Blankets Of Love. I have loved helping with this project which has been running for a while now. Wonderful knitted and crochet squares and whole blankets are donated by the kindest people and these are donated to the elderly living in homes. They are absolutely beautiful,often works of Art. And this is where I started to put my thoughts about Sightsavers into action. I asked Sue if a blanket could be compiled for such a wonderful cause. The theme was to be "All things Bright and Beautiful" or "What a wonderful World."

And now the most beautiful blanket is finished. Kind people gave donated squares.A kind person compiled the blanket turning it into a wonderful tribute to all the wonderful things we can see.It has now been placed for auction on EBay by Sue and already a kind and generous person has placed a bid. So just now my kindness pot is full and I am so glad that by spreading such kindness maybe other people will be able to have their little bit of the world polished again. I hope so.

Perhaps you would like to follow this beautiful blankets progress on EBay? Here is a link to it.


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