Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Enough about Me!

Well we arrived at our little Spanish house after a 2000 mile trip. It was lovely to just pull up and think "home!" Thank you so much for all your encouraging comments as we clocked up the miles. And welcome to my lovely new follower.

We have had our house for 10 years now and it really does feel like home too. Which is the biggest relief.Getting this retirement lark perfect takes a while.

We have already been out to a nearby market and stocked up on fruit and veg and had Roast Tapas for lunch.

Simple,tasty and very rustic. After the choice of Tapas in Barcelona it was lovely just to walk into our favourite little local bar and eat food we know and love. And for a portion of tapas and a glass of red for 1.50 Euro it is no wonder we love it here.

We also have lots of homey things to do this week. Cleaning,painting,rearranging and just settling.

So the memories of our travels will stay with us but we also love just being quiet and gentle.

I finished another project I have been working on for a while during the drive from Barcelona to Turre.

I had enough bright yarn over from the last Lappy I made so decided to revisit an old favourite. The mitred Granny Square. You can find a tutorial by using the search facility on my side bar.

I love the effect these mitred shapes create. Colours cascading. Very brightly in this case.

And a simple edging. Working 3 trebles,2chain,3 trebles in one space then a slip stitch in the next creates this lovely simple zig zag effect. A perfect counterbalance to the very zingy colours.

My little area in the car is like a crochet/knitting/ crafty control centre and I love it. I need a good few miles notice of a stop so that I can untangle myself. Find a safe place for my hook and scissors and of course finish the row!!!

As I was travelling I thought about my summer crafting. Lots of big projects. Lappycuddlyghans. Cosy blankets. Also some lovely new things,Mandalas. I loved working on those. And of course the name flags which I give to the new babies in the family.Oh! and sweet little sets for heads,toes and fingers!

All things I have loved making but very much things for me and my loved ones.

Thinking about things that I have made me realise I am so lucky. And with this in mind I thought it time to make some things for Charity again.

Sometimes I wonder if the things I make get to the right place and to the right people. I hope they do and that they truly make a difference to someone in need. But I try not to let these doubts worry me too much or else nothing would get done.

When I drop money into people's pots on the street I do not give it and then consider whether it is going to spent on things like cigarettes, drink or drugs. I know some of my money will end up in this way.I do sometime buy fruit and give that and ast night on the news there is a new initiative where food vouchers can be purchased and then given. That is being started in Exeter where there is a great need.

I don't feel right to judge,but I do feel right to give. Life is not easy. Not everyone can make the choices I am lucky enough to make, and for that I am thankful every day. I have watched someone very dear to me struggling with an addiction and listened to others saying its just a matter of making choices and " pulling yourself together" I know that is not always the case. Unless you walk in somebody else's footsteps perhaps you are not aware of how hard each step can be?

In our village in Spain there is a Charity organisation called the Dames. They raise a lot of money to help the local school,people struggling with illness,community projects. In fact where where is a problem they try to help.This has been vital of late with Spain having a period of deep recession.Some families do not have jobs and can not support themselves. A food bank has been set up and the Dames have been helping with that too.

Soon they are having their Annual Christmas Fayre so the Lappy is all rolled and is ready to go to help swell the proceeds a little.

I am going to make a selection of things for Operation Christmas Child. Janet is such an inspiration over at The Puppet Lady's blog. And I really do believe that every single child in the whole world deserves to feel cared for every day of the year but especially at Christmas.Janet knits puppets all year and works so hard as a co-ordinator for Operation Christmas Child in her area. Pop over and follow her wonderful puppets.

These bright and cheery purses take just a short while to make and a hankie or hair ribbon tucked inside each one will make a lovely gift.


This is a crochet rectangle folded and joined with some decorative stitches. There is also a pattern for a little bag on the sidebar of my blog.

Why is it s much easier to make things for girls?

Snakes to the rescue. I have some very dull yarn in my stash... Goodness knows why. But it is perfect for these snakes. These in turn make a perfect addition to any little boys pocket!!! There is a tutorial for those too!

Another charity project I love to support is the " Big Knit" Have a look here for all the details and thank you so much to Ladybird Diaries for reminding me the date for completed hats is getting close. Let your imagination run wild and 25p from the sale of every Innocent Smoothie bottle that is wearing a hat goes to Help The Aged.

My pile has begun.my patience with Pom poms is non existent but there are lots of other ways to finish these sweet little hats off. The twirl whirly topping reminded me of dreadlocks!


Una over at Great Balls of Wool knits for Greenfields and the dedication of the people who deliver all the wonderful gifts makes me feel really humble. So a few hats are going to be on my needles for this wonderful cause. I see this morning she is also knitting tiny hats for the Big Knit .


So that is my first forray back into sharing a little Chalky crafting.

Autumn is a good time to start collecting. A good time for making little piles. A good time for thinking of other people before the cold weather begins . If you have any other lovely ideas for sharing some love please let me know. The clocks change soon. More time for making!!!


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