Tuesday, 3 September 2013

An evening stroll around the walled city of Saint Paul De Vence.

Firstly, Thank you all for such lovely comments on my last post. I really do feel I am travelling with you all. We spent last evening mooching around the walled village of St Paul De Vence.

We never meant to stay In St Paul De Vence. We were supposed to be staying in Antibes itself. Well, I can only say those wonderful guardian angels were working overtime. The hotels in Antibes were said to be all full when we tried to book .So we plumped for a hotel a little way away at St Paul De Vence.

As we walked through an arch in the ramparts there before us was a walled village hidden from view by the highest walls and ramparts.it is a wonderful example of a Medieval Fortified village.

It was lovely just to walk and soak up the atmosphere. And atmospheric it certainly was.








It was the perfect evening and a wonderful place to be. The sun was setting as we made our way back to the hotel, bathing the walls in orange,pink and red. I know we will probably never visit this area again but I am so happy to have been there this once.

We have walked,talked,enjoyed and just been amazed by the beautiful sights we have seen. It is undoubtedly a long drive from home. We have travelled about 1500 miles so far. Although we have not been able to meet up with our youngest daughter who wanted us to follow in her footsteps we have certainly been texting and in lots of contact with her on the Internet. We sent her a picture of us outside the apartment where she stayed in Antibes. It looked like she could have been a very beautiful French girl in such a tiny street with shutters on ever window.

Also, we have been lucky enough to speak to our other daughter and everything is fine at home. And with the wonders of the Internet we have heard from our son and daughter in law. And of course all about William. All is well in Dubai and they are loving it. So we have walked with easy hearts and a light footstep. Just wonderful.

Luckily " The Sporty One " loves driving and I can easily while away the miles crafting. It has been the perfect time to work on finishing two projects that have been on the go for a while now.

I totally fell in love with the Neopolitan Blanket over on this lovely blog. Ladybird Diaries.

Why can't I work out how to put a link on Blogsy to take you right there?

Sorry about that but please visit as its a lovely blog.

So I decided I wanted to make a Chalky take on her lovely blanket.

And " Tah Dah it's finished!

Oh ! How I love working with blues. I love it so much and am always thrilled with the result. It really is amazing how much longer it takes to knit a Blankie than crochet it. But,I love this combination of knitted rectangles in the middle and a crochet edging.

This one is going to get tucked away in tissue in case we are ever lucky enough to welcome another gorgeous Grandson into the family.


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