Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Quandary of Colour

When I worked with the "littlies" a wonderful young teacher worked in the classroom next door. She was pretty,vibrant,inspirational and extremely creative.

She would seize three pieces of floaty material and set forth with the staple gun. It would fire like a repeating machine gun and in no time a display area was created that would make you gasp.

Her ability to encourage very young children to paint and create was marvellous. When she mounted their art work she never cut down the paintings believing the empty spaces to be as important as the painted ones .

My youngest daughter was lucky enough to spend her reception year with her and she has a love of art which I believe was nurtured and encouraged in those early days.

I found out that this lovely young teacher had been a window dresser for Laura Ashley!!!

Now my displays were fine,colourful,bright,creative and a great showcase for the important things. The children's own individual work.

But I would pick materials. I would lay them down. I would consider and deliberate. I would pin them first with drawing pins. I could never feel totally confident that I had made the best choice.

I am still the same in the wool shop. I consider,I choose,I lay out. I consider and reconsider. I ask advice and then I wonder.

I know what works for me when I have completed a project but I so wish I felt confident from conception.

Of course I have studied colour wheels and palettes. I look at photos. I am inspired by nature but I would love it to become like second nature.


I often leave comments on blogs which I find totally inspiring. The photos and projects are a pure delight to the eye.
Last week I left such a comment and it was kindly answered by Nicole at
She recommended I had a look at the Design Seed.
It is a site all about colour and it is exactly what I need.
A little crutch,a point of reference.
A place where I can browse and be inspired. The pictures and palettes make it so easy to browse and wonder.
And the layout shows clearly which palettes work. They compliment each other.they blend and tone.
You are not slavishly following a pattern but you are enabled to confidently create and know that you will love the end result.

Perhaps you will browse and enjoy.

I hope if you, like me sometimes lack confidence with colour choices this will help you.

Maybe it will just inspire you to try different palettes and effects. I hope so.


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