Monday, 5 August 2013

The latest hooky Mandela inspired by Fuschias.

Pinterest inspires me beyond measure. It is like looking at the BEST crafting,home magazine ever. The Encyclopedia of all things I might want to make. Then pop a pin in and your queue of projects stretch to infinity. But, no worries. Hooky,clicking,sewing,musing time should be relaxed,savoured and a joy.

It's really is a bit like window shopping for me. I enjoy it best when I do not have a purchase in mind. To spend an hour on Pinterest is not usually motivated by a desire to make or create but just to become absorbed in the riot of colour and wonderful photography there.

However, I have been doing the equivalent of the marathon in ever growing circles of granny stitches for my latest Lappys and a change was needed.

Chalky follow a pattern,surely not. But the strange thing was because it was originally written in Dutch and it took me ages to realise there was an English translation I had more or less sorted it out by eye.

And I love,love,love it.

My dear Father In Law loved Fuschias .And I can not see one without thinking of him. He used to make me laugh and we loved each other in equal measure. No one else has ever called me "Princess"

So I was in the garden yesterday looking at the Fuschias he propagated for me and it inspired me to make my latest Mandela .

I have just braved a wet morning to see how good my colour choices were. What do you think?


If you love Fuschias too and you would like to make one here is the lovely blog where I found the pattern

What a lovely lady not only to write it in her own language but to translate it too. Thank you so much.


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