Saturday, 3 August 2013


Once again I have been very touched by all the lovely comments about my Grandma. Her photo is back with the others.A lovely reminder of much loved family members and I love to look at them every day. Maybe only in passing or maybe a glance that lasts a while. Lovely.

The " Sporty One " really does love order and a certain uniformity to his days. He is very tolerant of my rather different, rather eclectic attitude to life. I seem to have tiny pieces of wool falling off me at all times. There is often a sharp needle sticking out of the surface where I have been working.There is always a few projects on the go. Colourful crochet being blocked on the spare room carpet. Bunting hanging on the door handles. Colour swatches waiting for decisions. Jars of buttons just sitting, just displaying button love.

Maybe you get the picture. I am actually very tidy but I love projects on the go. A plan to consider. Colour in my life.

Now this also goes for the garden too. Lots of it is very organised. Easy. Self sufficient. Easily maintained. Definitely not boring. But not surprising, lively or free.

But I have been delighted in recent weeks. When I celebrated my birthday back in April I gave the lovely ladies who helped me celebrate a party bag and one of the presents inside was a little pack of wild flower seeds. I had some left over so I wandered around the garden sprinkling them here,there and everywhere. Then I fairly much forgot about them. Only because I am so impatient, and seeds can not be rushed.

The ones under the apple tree did not germinate but not to worry.

But this morning I was so surprised when I opened the front door. Lovely, just lovely. I have been watching this poppy bud for days just willing it to unfurl and show its papery petals. What a surprise not papery petals but a frilly pompom. Not red but a beautiful shade of purple. How can such beauty develop from one little seed?

And more buds waiting in the wings. And all along the front of the bed. Pretty enough to make your heart sing.

I had sprinkled them in tubs and potrs too. I am never going to be sniffy about a big cheap box of seeds again. They seemed to be all mixed up with sawdust and the instructions just said " shake well and sow"

One of the things I love the best about having flowers in the garden is that with just a few snips all that prettiness can come inside. On the table. By my bed. Everywhere really because I rarely stay in one spot for long. Perhaps that is why you can always find me. Just follow the trail of woolly ends!

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