Friday, 16 August 2013

Sunflower Wedding Flowers.

A very dear friends son is getting married tomorrow and I was thrilled when they accepted my offer to "do" the flowers for the wedding. Last year I so enjoyed doing the flowers for my nieces' wedding. That one had a theme of all white and green. Tomorrow it is sunflowers,yellow roses,gypsophilia and a touch of blue from the lovely statice. All in honour of the grooms love of Sheffield Wednesday Football team. What a lovely bride. She made me laugh when we were talking about the flowers for her special day. " The colours are a silent tribute and I don't want football mentioned in any other way " A girl after my own heart!

I have a wonderful market stall where I get my flowers and these beauties come from Dawlish and Cornwall so very local. I was quite overwhelmed when the boxes came and I wondered if all was going to be well. What a cheery sight as I lifted the lid.

The perfect touch of blue.

Stunning roses.


And billowy,soft,fluffy gypsophilia . My favourite friend when arranging flowers.


I like to get them all in nice cool water before making a start and just "get to know them" if you like. The sunflowers in particular looked so much prettier after a drink.


But looking is one thing. You just have to be brave and get on. Luckily another dear friend was by my side.

Words of encouragement,snipping,clipping and tidying are wonderful help mates. The sort of friend who gives you confidence not concern.

Odd numbers of blooms is definitely the way to go. A good covering of the plastic tray essential and then relax and enjoy. Snip,place relax and enjoy.

Walk around and around checking the balance from all angles.
Marvel at the blooms and perhaps most importantly know when to stop and leave it well alone.
Ten buttonholes and two corsages for the Mums.

And then a cup of tea. Relax and breathe and be confident that you can make two bouquets for the Bride and Maid of Honour.
The most important thing I think is to make it exactly as you have been asked. This lovely bride is gentle,quiet and certainly not the sort of girl who want something large,blousy and OTT.

So for the bride a bouquet with five sunflowers,statice and gypsophilia .
Hand tied and beautifully simple.

And for the Maid of Honour just three blooms and lots more frothy white.
We delivered them to the hotel and they loved them. A perfect end to a very lovely day and the perfect start to a weekend of celebrations and happy days ahead.


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