Monday, 26 August 2013

Onwards and Upwards and on a roll. Tutorial number 2 . A bright Mandala

I really was nervous about the tutorial for my first Mandala but the support and encouragement I get from my lovely followers spurs me on. My delight was complete and quite vocal when Anna Marie actually said she sat with her computer and it worked. She made one!
Now, not only am I chuffed that it worked but that she was inspired to try one immediately. I am a very happy Chalky!

So not one to let the grass grow under my feet and all that, here is another Tutorial for a different Mandala.
A bright and cheerful one which might make the perfect contemplative vessel for the grey winter days

I think you will be able to use many of the techniques in my first Tutorial. That dropped stitch is such a handy one to master and very decorative.
In this Mandala I worked in Trebles and in sets of 2 and clusters of 5s. It makes a really compact Mandala.

So here we go 
Tutorial Number 2

1. Chain 3 .Slip stitch to make a loop. Work 2 chains to represent the first treble. I find if I work the usual 3 chains for this first treble it is too long. So, then you need to work 11 more trebles into the loop wiggling a little if need be and finish the round with a slip stitch.

2.Work 2 trebles in every space from the previous round--- the foundation round. You are establishing little groups of 2 trebles together.

3. Start your next round  between one of the groups of 2 from the previous round.
 Work 2 trebles. Now work a dropped stitch in the middle of the set of 2 from the previous round. Then work 2 trebles in the very next space which is the other side of the set of 2..
So you are establishing a pattern of 2 trebles, 1 dropped stitch 2 trebles.
.I think you can see it clearly in the photo below. It is the rusty orange round.

4. Work 1 breezy round of half trebles. It is the round in Cream in the picture.

 The next 2 rounds I love and they are very different than the rounds in my first Mandala.So, here we work in clusters of 5 Trebles.

5.Chain 2 to represent that first Treble then in the sane space work 4 more Trebles. This makes your first cluster of 5. Chain 1,miss 1 space. Slip stitch into the next space from the previous row. Chain 1 miss 1 space. Work 5 trebles in the next space. Continue this sequence all the way round----- 5 Trebles,Chain1,miss a space,slip stitch in the next space, Chain 1 and work 5 Trebles. If you look at the picture it is the mossy green round. With my usual " no worries approach it always seem to work out that the spacing is fine. If not just squeeze in the last slip stitch and finally slip stitch into the last chain of the beginning cluster.

6 .This round is worked with exactly the same pattern and sequence but this time you are working the 5 Trebles into the slip stitch from the previous round ( the mossy green one ) and working the slip stitch into the top of the 3rd Treble on that green round. I think you can see it clearly here. The 2 rows dovetail beautifully.

7. Another breezy Half Treble round.  It is cream in the picture I find these rounds not only give a balance to the more ornate rounds but also make the Mandalas firmer.

8. To finish choose your colour for the border and work 2 rounds. 1 in half trebles to make a base and the final one with the picot edging. Instructions can be found at the end of my first tutorial here .

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