Thursday, 8 August 2013

Nearly Ready!

Our son,his wife and the very edible William are coming to stay for a whole week before they leave for Dubai on the 18th.

Excited? Just a tad!


I am not really a morning person but when William is here I so look forward to those early morning cuddles,songs and stories in bed before the day really begins. Sleepy eyes,warm scents and hair just stuck down a little bit at the back of his neck.

Of course we have done the shopping. I bought a tablet of jelly for us to make together. I still have the rabbit mould of my childhood and I remember the excitement of seeing if it would turn out with its ears intact!

We shall see!!

I also love to welcome loved ones with tins full of treats.

I have adapted this recipe from one in Good Food. I think it is better,yummy and definitely moorish.

Here is the recipe!

140g of melted butter.

100g of SR flour.

175g caster sugar.

175g porridge oats.

1 egg beaten.

50g dried cranberries.

50g mini marshmallows

Some melted chocolate to drizzle over the cooked oaty squares,


Heat the oven to 180 deg Celsius and line a 22cm square cake tin. I use the silicone lining sheets which makes for easy removal from the tray.

Mix flour,oats and sugar in a bowl. Add beaten egg,melted butter,cranberries and mini marshmallows.

Mix well and tip into the tin and spread evenly.

Cook for 20 mins until golden brown.

Cool in the tin for 10 mins and then take out of the tin and drizzle with the melted chocolate. Cut into pieces and keep out of sight if you want it to last more that 2 minutes!!!!


I have been working on some more of the Fuschia Mandelas. I was going to sew them together to make a table runner but they looked too OTT in a group for me. So I have tucked them away thinking they would make a very pretty coaster tied up with a mug of home made fudge at Christmas time.

I keep a notebook close by when I have these ideas or else come December the plan has been lost in the depths of my mind!

Lastly, I have been to the wool shop. What a chore!!! This time I decided to take my IPad loaded with images on Pinterest. Projects that I wanted to hook. I have said before that I sometimes lack confidence in my colour choices.i find myself returning to the blue spectrum even when I want to break out.

Well not this time.

I looked, I considered, I matched,I wondered,I decided and I stuck to my plan.

Wow! What a change.

I love coming home and laying out my yarn .

This time I put the sets of colours which matched a project from Pinterest into carrier bags and kept focused on just that inspiration.

Of course last night I could not resist just working a few squares to see how it would look. It was fun to use such different colours and I am loving it so far.

Brighter,zingier, more, just .... Colourful and loud than usual.


When I hung up Willam's holiday banner I saw where it all stemmed from. The most colourful trains in the whole world.


I think it might be a few days before my next post. I have some cuddling to do!


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