Saturday, 24 August 2013

My Tutorial for my first Mandala.

I spent ages yesterday trying to sort out a perfect tutorial for this pretty Mandala. I choose the colours with the help of Design Seed.


Have a look here if you want to be inspired.



Anyway, I could not make it perfect. I am sure someone will know how to solve the Mathematical problem but for me it really does prove that Crochet is a very forgiving craft.


In a way I am quite glad that this is not perfect .. Sometimes we strive too hard and forget to enjoy.


So here we go.


1. Chain 3 and slip stitch to make a loop. Working into this loop chain 1. Then Double Crochet 11 more stitches into the loop. You might have to wiggle the circle a bit to get them all to fit in.



2.Then working in the following pattern continue the next round. Double crochet 2 in a chain space from the previous row. Then Double Crochet 1 in the next chain space,then Double Crochet 2 in the next and so on.



3. Changing colour and now working in Half Trebles continue as follows. 2 Half Trebles, 1 Half Trebles, 2 Half Trebles and so on all the way around the circle.

Here is where you might meet THE problem --- you end up with 2 Half Trebles next to each other. I ignored this and carried on merrily. I always like to start my next round in a different place so all is well.


4. Working in Trebles keep up the 2,1,2 pattern but drop the stitch on the 1 part of the sequence. This means that you are working your 2 Trebles in the stitch from the previous row but dropping the single Treble into the space between the stitches. This dropping the stitch starts to add detail.


Here is the round completed and its beginning to look interesting.

5. Working in Double Crochet work a stitch in every stitch from row 4 but again drop the stitch between the sets of 2 Trebles from row 4.

Here we have the dropping stitch with pictures.After working 2 Double Crochets you are ready to start.

You are actually poking your hook into the stitch two rows below. And in the middle of each set of 2 Trebles on the row you have just finished.

Here we have a view from the back of your Mandala where you are hooking the yarn over your hook ready to pull it to the front and up.

There it is. You have to loosen your tension a little to get the new stitch up to the same height as your double Crochet stitches already worked.

Yarn over hook.

Pull through to complete your dropped stitch.

And here we can see the round completed.

6. After that a row of Double Crochet seems a breeze!

7.We are going to work another row using the dropped stitch. Work in exactly the same way but this time set the dropped stitch in the middle of the 2 dropped stitches from that row.
You can see the layers of patterns building up in your Mandala.

8. Another Breeze round. Double crochets all the way.

9. To finish you Mandala work a little Picot Edging. A real favourite of mine. I worked mine as follows.
In Double Crochet work 4 stitches. When you have worked the 4 chain finish the little loop by working a Double Crochet in the same stitch. Then work 4 Double Crochets in the next 4 stitches and 4 chains and finish the picot in the same space. Continue in this way all the way around. I never seem to have to count and it always seems to work out just fine ---- "No Worries!"


So here we have the tutorial I hope it makes sense and most importantly I hope it works for you. Perhaps we actually learn most when we have to adapt or maybe that is just a Chalky excuse!


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