Sunday, 4 August 2013

Join in the fun!

It's a horrible wet day. So I Thought I'd cheer myself up and join this bit of fun put together by Pip (Meet me at Mikes)

Here's a list of bite size Chalky things that are happening at the moment.

What about you?? Feel free to cut and paste this and have a go on your blog! let me

 (and Pip) know with a comment if you do. I'm sure she won't mind me spreading her awesomeness.

Making : A Lappycuddlyghan from all my small balls of wool. I just wind them into 

one big ball and hook away. I always have a lot of projects on the go and making 
probably brings me the greatest joy in life. After delivering 60 hedgies to the 
Wildlife Centre yesterday I shall soon have to make some more of those too!

Cooking :We are freezer diving and store cupboard clearing at the moment so food combos are imaginative,unusual,strange and not to be repeated in equal measure.

Drinking :A mug of fruit tea. Cranberry,Raspberry and Echinacea.

Reading: Help. A story of the inequality of life in America felt by the black house


Wanting: The sun to shine from next Thursday for a whole week. We have our 

Grandson coming to stay for a week and I want to take him to the zoo
,the beach and play in the garden in the sunshine.

Looking:At my bunting fluttering in the wind and rain in the garden.It looks so much

 prettier in the sunshine.

Playing: I have just found Jango Radio and it plays any genre you choose.

 No chat just music. I have been listening to the Greatest Love Songs.
 Love,love love them.

Wasting: I hate waste hence the freezer and store cupboard challenge and the

 scrappy Lappy.

Sewing: making some super sweet baby bibs. I love the fabric that you can find


Wishing: That my children loved themselves just as they are. Not slimmer,

not richer,not anything different. It took me a long time to realise that true
 happiness is an inside job and I wish that they get there more quickly than I did.

Waiting: I am not waiting for anything right now.

Enjoying. I love being with my husband. Just "being" not necessarily "doing"

Liking: That I have a watch again. My last one pfffed in a burst of steam and 

I have been waking up at unearthly times wondering if it is worth going
 back to sleep again.

Wondering:How I am going to cope emotionally when my son,daughter in law 

 and the edible William move to Dubai in just 2 weeks.

Loving: Loving that I have stopped comparing things in life.
 Loving that I have decided to look forward not back. Loving that I have a 
wonderful home which was refurbished last year.

Hoping. That we can continue to travel and adventure for many years to come.

Marvelling:At my garden ... The flowers are my absolute favourite and they

 fill me with joy Every day.

Needing: Yoga has taught me so much. I can honestly say I don't on a personal level
 feel that I need anything just now.

Smelling:Aveda balancing Body Mist .. Chakra 3 in the house. Favourite perfume

 just for me Dioressence. A lifetime live.

Wearing. Navy jeggings a lacy T shirt and a long peach cardigan. Today I am wearing

 red glasses.

Following: Games of Scrabble With Friends. I think I am not at all competitive

 but yet I love to win. Strange that!

Noticing. Umm not a lot except the way the rain is falling on the garden

 and it is becoming so green and lush again.

Knowing. That I am getting older. Losing all our parents makes you realise you are
 at the top of the generational ladder

Thinking: That knowing that is fairly much OK. I do wish that I could retain new

 information though for longer than a nanosecond.

Feeling: Very calm just now.

Bookmarking: everything and anything on the very addictive Pinterest!

Opening: The freezer door a lot at the moment!

Giggling: That is like jokes I can never remember it after the telling

 or the event.

Here is a list you can copy and paste if you fancy joining in on your blog.
Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

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