Thursday, 15 August 2013

Hoglets and happy times!

Last week we spent a lovely day at The Devon Wildlife Centre near Newton Abbot. William loved it. His favourite animal right now is a Center Parcs Hedgehog that his Auntie Lindsay bought him last year and he calls him Hodge.... Very appropriate. When we have peeped in to see him last thing at night Hodge is very carefully tucked in bed with him. So sweet.

Hodge came with us.


If you happen to be near Newton Abbot on holiday I would recommend a visit especially for little ones.

A sweet time spent petting the little animals.


The actual hospital part of the Centre is a charity and we have a wonderful reciprocal arrangement.

I make woolly hedgehogs which helps with financing my yarn stash. And the pennies they make go to help look after,and rehabilitate the hedgehogs which are brought to the Centre.

Here is my latest contribution. Sweet little hedgehogs all with names beginning with a "h"


I wonder which one will become a favourite for a little boy or girl like William.


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