Thursday, 22 August 2013

37years and a trip to Cornwall.

A child bride!!!!

We celebrated 37 years of marriage on Wednesday .
And anyone who has been following life here at Chalky's knows we have been feeling a little lost and more than a little empty since our son and his lovely family moved to Dubai.
Crying quietly at home is one thing but to burst into tears at the opticians is another.


We are getting used to the idea now and the most important thing of all is that they have a wonderful life there.

What an exciting time for William.

His latest word is "WOW!" That just about says it all.

All my life I have turned to the sea when I am troubled. I have always lived within reach of the coast and I find the sea calming and soothing.

The permanence of the waves and tides make you really understand that in the greater scheme of things life is so short. Too short for any more sad days. Too short to look back. Too short to do anything but live for this moment and look ahead with gratitude for all we have.

We spent our honeymoon at Pentire in Cornwall. The wonderful beaches of Fistral and Crantock are stunningly beautiful.

So we decided to drive to Cornwall and spend some time by the ocean.

We took a picnic and sat on the bench just looking and as we watched a pod of dolphins came by so close to us.

It seemed as if they had come just to say we had done the right thing by coming away.

On the other side of the Pentire headland is Crantock.
Beautiful,and I love it's true Cornish feel.

A stunning beach,and even though it was a beautiful day we had so much space just to walk,talk and enjoy.

We were staying in a very small hotel in Porth which is the next bay on from Newquay town centre. I know Newquay has lost it's shine in recent years but in a way I quite like the fact that it has not been taken over by celebrities and chefs.

All we saw were families enjoying themselves. Children eating ice creams,playing in the waves and enjoying the rock pools.

Timeless really.

I did it with my family back in the 1960's with wooden belly boards and no wetsuits. The summer seemed to last forever.

We found the hotel using Groupon. Brilliant.

I found it hard to believe that we could just book 2 nights in the middle of the week in August.

But we could and what a view from the door.

We walked in the evenings as well,and the coast path was just across the road.


This morning as we were leaving we realised that 37 years ago to this very day we were arriving for the start of our honeymoon.

So a perfect circle could be drawn in the sand.


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