Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Two Little Boys.

Thank you so much for the lovely welcome back. My followers make me feel so lucky.

This was one of the important jobs on my long,long,long list of " must do" jobs.

Two little babies have been born recently and I wanted to welcome them into the world by giving them a knitted name banner.

Luckily Evan is moving house so it only had to be ready to adorn his new bedroom and Pascal was waiting to be named for a little while so I had a bit of breathing space.

Anyway they are done and ready to be delivered. I love thinking of all the little ones who have these name banners now. One great nephew was born before I started making them so when his little brother was born I thought I should make him one too even though he was nearly ready to go to school.

When he opened his parcel he said to his mummy " that is really handy because if I wake up in the middle of the night and have forgotten who I am I will be able to read my name ... Samuel!!!!"

Don't they make you laugh !

So here we have a name flag for Evan

And one for Pascal.


Job done and a big tick on the list. Phew!

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