Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Three Generations.

The time is creeping up on us.

Our son,lovely daughter in law and the edible William will soon be jetting off to Dubai to live. Being a Mum and Dad is one of the best parts of our lives and being " Mar Mar" and " Dar Dar" has meant that wonderful memories of when our children little have come flooding back. The little squishy arms reaching up for a cuddle. The strong little legs striding forward. The giggles and the laughter.

We feel privileged and having William has allowed us to see life again through new little eyes.

Everything is such fun. Everything an adventure. Exploration and excitement go hand in hand. Just such a special time.

So, this photo opportunity was too good to miss. Three of my favourite boys!

And soon after I took this photo the news broke that Prince William and Kate's baby had been born. A very special baby indeed. A baby born one day to be king.

An exciting time for everyone. But he could not bring more love than this little man has to us.




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