Friday, 12 July 2013

Photography Lessons. Spreading the love!

The "Sporty One " gave me some photography lessons for my birthday. What a great present. It was supposed to be in a group but sadly there were not enough people to make group lessons viable.Sadly, but not for me. Once he had made up his mind what he wanted to give me there was no giving up.
So he contacted the photographer and arranged for me to have some lessons... just me !!

I absolutely love Blog Hopping and I am so inspired by some of the wonderful photographs people take. Their posts come to life. They seem to shine with light and clarity. A little frustrating when I looked at some of mine.

I faced individual lessons with some trepidation. I am a past master at sitting at the back of the class  and "painting" a " Oh yes, I understand that completely " kind of look. No such hiding space when you are on your own with only a camera to hide behind.

Anyway, I need not have worried Ken Holland arrived ---
If you would like to see his work have a look here
And he was kind,gentle and extremely patient. We spent the first 2 hours just talking about what I wanted .. and did we talk!

But, what I was pleased about was his opinion of the cameras I already own. There were certainly,in his opinion absolutely fine for what I want to do. In fact he believes with a session about using Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 it COULD be possible to take and print a photograph of award winning quality.
But hey, lets not run before we can walk!
But, I was thrilled that,at least for now no extra expense was needed. A new brain maybe!!

So I am going to do several posts about my photography lessons. Maybe they will be of some help to other bloggers who would love to improve their photography skills.

The cameras I have are these.
A Canon IXUS 9515
I love this little camera.
It fits in my pocket or handbag.
Perfect for out walking,weddings,parties etc.
This has not been used in my lessons but I am glad I have such a handy camera.

Many moons ago I treated myself to a Canon G9. I dropped it !!!! Luckily it was insured and when I replaced it the G9 had been superseded by the G11. I must say one of the dials in the new model is right by the thumb grip. The settings can be mistakenly changed when you hold the camera to take a shot. Now, I am going to have to live with this but I would advise you to think about this if you were thinking of buying a new camera. The Fuji Finepix HS10 might be worth a look if you were thinking of purchasing a camera in this range.

Ken Holland kindly lent me a book which I am reading -- over and over again, waiting for the lightbulb moment. Digital Photography By Tim Gartside. It really is excellent with easy to read instructions and hopefull an "idiot proof" guide! Available on Amazon.

Another book he recommended from an artistic point of view is ---

Luckily I have that book and love it. I look and want to take photos just like them. Maybe one day.
So, I can only take in so much at a time. 
And I will let this be enough for the first post.
Just to finish 2 pictures I took yesterday when we went out for my second lesson.
I knew we were going to get along just fine when Ken suggested we went to Hannah's without even knowing it was one of my most favourite places.
We wandered and snapped.
Colour everywhere!

Quirky! A new take on the famous Abbey Road Cover by the Beatles.

And this one just made me smile. We talked of reflections and shadows.

This one made me smile if you look closely you can see me reflected in this beautiful ball. And my tongue is sticking out.
A long held habit which happens when I concentrate.

I hope these little snippets might help you follow my journey with my camera.
Next post will feature ideas about composition.
And please don't worry all this concentration means I am even happier when I pick up my crochet and hook away!

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