Sunday, 7 July 2013


JOY-- The definition of Joy is "The intense and especially ecstatic feelings of great delight and happiness.

We all know how it feels. We can cast our minds back and think of so many things which have brought us unbridled joy. I am thankful for each and every one.

Now, I have a theory. Time passes more quickly as you get older because for example when you are 60 like me 1 year represents a sixtieth of your life. Christmas' and Birthdays come around with the speed of a Ferris wheel. So different than when you were little. I used to make lists for my birthday and Christmas and it seemed like the ink would fade away by the time they arrived.

To watch the Joy of children,especially as they are learning so much about life is a pleasure second to none. The "firsts" of everything are just so special.

Last weekend I do not think William could believe that such fun actually existed.
Now he loves his paddling pool and stayed in this one for the whole afternoon. He happily entertained himself with pouring and splashing without a break.

We love it when he comes to visit because he really is such a happy little boy and we feel so lucky to have spent so many happy hours witnessing his joy.
He loves to explore and has favourite books and toys.

But we decided to go on an outing. William's first trip on a boat. There is a little ferry that travels from Shaldon to Teignmouth. Just perfect for a maiden voyage.

 He loved it. Then we took a little stroll along the prom at Teignmouth and made our way to a fairly new park especially designed for children. And that was when the fun really began. What a lovely Mummy and Daddy encouraging him to try something completely new. Not to worry about wet clothes,wet shoes... wet everything.

I have never seen him so excited. I have never seen him so adventurous. The definition of joy was just perfect for his first visit to a water park. My rates bill did not seem so expensive all of a sudden as this park is free for everyone to enjoy.
Now you would have thought all that water play was enough for one little chap in one day but the purpose of their visit was to help celebrate a surprise 30 th birthday.Our oldest daughter had arranged it all and William was invited! He was still up for a party even though it did not start until well after seven o'clock. Now only an Auntie who has not got children would give a little one an all singing and dancing and very noisy fire engine in a restaurant!

Oh the Joy! As you can imagine some fancy screwdriver work had to be undertaken to get the batteries out before we were asked to leave!
Now you can not have failed to notice that William has the most perfectly rounded football shaped tummy. He loves food and generally,of course he eats a very healthy diet.
Can you imagine his delight when a chocolate birthday cake arrived and he was allowed to help blow out the candles. Sheer Joy!

To crown it all you manage to be moved away from your parents and fed on cake!

I rest my blog/case sheer Joy and this picture encapsulates it all.

Now, I could apologise for William featuring as the absolute star of this blog post  BUT as my son and his family are moving to Dubai next month "The Sporty One " and I are absolutely, --- as my much loved Father In Law would have said " filling our boots" with them just now!

So, Joy is many things to many people. And to be honest I felt pretty joyful this morning when I came downstairs to find the front door had been open wide all night and all our things here at Chalky's were exactly the same as we had left them.
Of course I would only have been worried if there is such a thing as a yarn thief!

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