Thursday, 18 July 2013 Just a little post about button love!

I am not complaining. Not at all. We got married in 1976 and it was just like this. Hot,hot,hot.

So I am quietly hooking and sitting in the garden in the evenings.

But ,when I am hot I do not like to undertake big projects. Just little ones that do not require much time,energy or patience.

I bought these pretty buttons on EBay a while ago. I do not collect many things outside the craft arena but I collect buttons just for the sake of it. I am totally in button love. I find myself asking if the Charity shop I am visiting has a button box. I love sorting them.bottling them and admire my glass jars full of their loveliness every day.

Little labels to prettify parcels. And the sweetest little envelopes. The next time I am having a Giveaway I am going to fill one of these with buttons and send them with lots of love tucked inside.

The perfect project for a hot day with a long cool drink by your side.



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